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    Salman Khan accused people of watching the pirated “Rade” and wrote that he “suggested to see it at a reasonable price.”

    Salman Khan just before the release of his latest outing’Radhe: Your most wanted buy‘, He…
    16 mins ago

    Government, Health News, ET HealthWorld

    New Delhi: The government’s decision to increase the gap between the first and second doses…
    17 mins ago

    Prior to the Champions League final, Barcelona’s Oshoara calls on more people to watch the match

    FC Barcelona And Chelsea are set to play against each other in the finals UEFA…
    26 mins ago

    Netanyahu, Israeli bomb chief Hamasgaza’s house, says it is aggressive to continue “as long as necessary”

    Israel bombed Hamas’s chief’s house in Gaza early Sunday, and a Muslim group fired rockets…
    31 mins ago

    Amitabh Bachchan received a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine, caption photo with cricket reference

    Amitabh Bachchan recently received a second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and took it to…
    33 mins ago

    Former James Bond’s 10 Most Symbolic Dialogues to Live Forever

    The world’s most famous spy, James Bond, is known for his understated style, cool gadgets,…
    40 mins ago

    Former Australian test cricket player stripped, assaulted and threatened with gun points

    Former Australian test spinner Stuart MacGill was kidnapped on April 14, and during an hour…
    45 mins ago

    Jeep Commander SUV-Fortuner Rival Revealed in Leaked Image

    share Tweet share share Email The next seven-seater SUV from an American carmaker, the Jeep…
    49 mins ago

    Brazil struggles to vaccinate as Covid Toll Spiral

    Four months after the Covid-19 vaccination campaign hurt by shortages and delays, the hit Brazil…
    54 mins ago

    Shriram Nene shares retrospective photos with Maduri Dikut from the day before the wedding

    On Saturday, Bollywood star Maduri Dikut recorded her 54th birthday. Husband Shriram Nene posted a…
      1 hour ago

      Does Jennifer Lopez still own the “6.10 carat diamond” engagement ring proposed by Ben Affleck?

      Despite ending his engagement with Ben Affleck over a decade ago, Jennifer Lopez may still own the gorgeous engagement ring…
      2 hours ago

      Tejaswi Madivada Nursing Ankle Injuries Like A Boss

      Recently, Tejaswi Madibada was practicing dancing at home and the actress broke her ankle when she landed on the wrong…
      3 hours ago

      Shankar movie, Ram Charan may be delayed

      Kamal Haasan-also as a stirrer Indian 2 Film director Shankar signed two films before the second wave of the pandemic…
      9 hours ago

      When sweaty Shah Rukh Khan and Talapasi Bijay break into an instant jig at an event

      Tamil superstar Vijay is known for his amazing dance moves. Last year, the actor won praise for his dance moves…
      10 hours ago

      “Tattoos and haircuts were decided by Salman Khan”

      There is a character that comes to you once in a lifetime, and Girgit from Radhe: Your most wanted buy…
      11 hours ago

      Amitabh Bachchan asks the sixth question for registration, know the answer here

      The 13th season of “Counbanega Chlorepati” is all ready to make a comeback on TV. Registration for “KBC13” began at…
      11 hours ago

      Salman Khan Film earns about Rs9.3 Chlore in 2 days

      Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai couldn’t be widely released in Indian theaters, but the film has entertained fans of foreign…
      12 hours ago

      ShivShakti Sachdev finds nothing to wear for his birthday and stuffs a bouquet of flowers into denim

      Actress Shiv Shakti Sachdev can’t stay calm because it’s her birthday month. The actress will be one year older on…
      12 hours ago

      Boomie Pedneker states that he started the Covid-19 initiative after spending a “hellish time” when his mother tested positive.

      Bollywood actress Boomie Pedneker has been constantly helping people during the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused massive…
      14 hours ago

      Shweta Tiwari may leave “Khatron Ke Kiladi 11” for this person

      TV actress Shueta Tiwali has been headlined for some time due to a very popular quarrel with her divorced husband…
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