Next years Hajj will be the last Hajj in summer season

Hussein Al-Qahtani, spokesperson for the Saudi National Meteorological Center (NMC), announced significant changes to the timing of the Hajj pilgrimage due to climate patterns. Starting in 2026, the Hajj season will no longer occur during the summer months, marking a shift influenced by climate change.

“The year 2026 will initiate an eight-year period where Hajj will take place during the spring season, followed by another eight-year phase where it will coincide with winter,” Al-Qahtani stated. He emphasized that this transition will bid farewell to summer Hajj for a total of 16 years, highlighting the extreme temperatures of 45 to 47 degrees Celsius typically experienced during these summer pilgrimages.

Dr. Mansour Al Mazroui, a climate change researcher and member of the Shoura Council, affirmed that the upcoming year will see the last Hajj occurring in the summer season. “Subsequently, the Hajj season will shift to spring for eight years, and then transition to winter,” he added.

Al Mazroui detailed the historical cycles of Hajj seasons across different seasons, noting their periodic rotations over 33 Hijri years. He explained that after the upcoming summer Hajj in 2025, the pilgrimage will resume in summer in 1470, continuing for nine years.

This climatic shift reflects ongoing adaptations to environmental changes, ensuring optimal conditions for the millions who participate in this sacred journey.

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