Allahabad High Court Reacts Strongly to Rahul Gandhi Citizenship Issue: ‘Enough! You Have Tested Our Patience,’ Bench Tells Persistent Lawyer

In a dramatic session at the Allahabad High Court, proceedings in a PIL concerning Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi’s citizenship took an unexpected turn. The bench found itself compelled to adjourn after the petitioner’s advocate, Ashok Pandey, persisted with arguments despite the court’s expressed reluctance to prolong the hearing.

Tensions escalated during the 90-minute hearing as the court repeatedly urged Advocate Pandey to conclude his submissions, emphasizing that ample time had already been devoted to his arguments. The PIL, filed by Karnataka BJP Worker S. Vignesh Shishir through Advocate Pandey, seeks to annul Rahul Gandhi’s election as an MP from Rae Bareli, alleging his British citizenship renders him ineligible for parliamentary polls.

Following extensive arguments, the bench indicated it would reserve judgment. However, Advocate Pandey insisted on further discourse, claiming additional points to address. The bench, maintaining it had sufficiently heard all arguments, grew visibly exasperated when Advocate Pandey persisted, prompting a sharp response from the bench.

As tensions mounted, Advocate Pandey’s remark about the court not being the final authority further strained proceedings. The bench sternly cautioned against wasting the court’s time, warning of potential costs if the PIL were withdrawn. Despite the petitioner’s request to withdraw with liberty to refile, the bench remained firm, underscoring the consequences of such actions.

The courtroom exchange underscored ongoing tensions as the bench navigated procedural challenges amid the contentious PIL.

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