How to Plan a Vacation in Canada on a Low Budget

Have you ever thought of spending your vacation in Canada? Canada is renowned as an excellent destination for tourists, and Canadians are ever ready to receive you.

As you know, vacations are a great way to loosen up and ease stress. On vacation, you can explore new things, experience a different culture, and connect with new people.

As the second-largest country in the world, Canada has intriguing terrains that are beautiful to behold. You’ll find different natural landscapes that are great for adventures scattered across the country.

So, whether you want to ski, hike, stroll across walkways, enjoy beaches, eat delicious cuisines, Canada has it all for your next vacation.

However, a vacation in Canada doesn’t come cheap. Nonetheless, you can still enjoy a holiday in Canada on a low budget. Keep reading this guide to find tips on how to immigrate to Canada for vacation on a low budget.

1. Plan your Commute and Movement

A great mistake many tourists make is not making plans for transportation and commuting. Transportation should come first in your plans.

You can opt for a road trip if you are from the US. Tourists and travellers can also use cheap airlines. Airlines like WOW and Flair take away the frills and charge you less.

Canada has a large landmass, so expect to spend on commuting. Those on a strict budget can use the following tips to lower their cost and enjoy an inexpensive vacation.

·      Commute with Train and Megabus: With as low as 25 CAD, you can hop on an economy class train ride. Aside from trains, the option of Megabus is also available. You’ll find a Megabus in Quebec, Montreal, and Ontario. Interestingly, you’ll find bus tickets from 1 CAD.

·         Share a ride: There are a lot of vacationers and indigenes who are ready to share their vehicles. You only need to share the gas fee. To find such people, check on Craigslist, Kangaride, and Couchsurfing.

·         Buy cheap gas: For those who rent a car, you should be on the lookout for cheap gas. You can get cheap gas from Native Reserves due to lower taxes. So be on the lookout for Native Reserves.

2. Find an Accommodation

There are numerous options available for a cheap stay in Canada. All you need to do is book ahead as they quickly get sold out. You can choose to;

·         Share a Home: If you like the frills, you can choose to stay with a local. Canadians often list their homes on Couchsurfing. You can also use Airbnb to find available apartments. If that won’t do, you can rent a house. Thankfully, most landlords in Canada are always ready for housing disrepair if something goes wrong with the house while you are staying in it.

·         Stay at Campground: Campground is a great way to save costs and enjoy a good vacation. You need to budget for tents, sleeping bags, and other supplies. Depending on the management, you may be required to pay a small fee.

·         Lodge in Hostels: If you are on a tight budget and don’t mind sharing facilities, then lodge in the hostels. You may have to share rooms, a kitchen, and even toilets.

3. Tips for Meals and Drinks

Planning for a day’s food can quickly add up to weeks or even months. So, it will be wise if you make plans ahead. With a strict budget, restaurants and bars are not a smart choice. You can opt for things like;

·         Cooking at home: If your accommodation has a kitchen, it will do you good. You save money by shopping for groceries and cooking your meals.

·         Drinking free water: Water in Canada is potable. You can get a water bottle and always collect tap water in it.

·         Taking alcohol at home: There’s a significant price difference between beer from stores and beer at a bar. So opt for the cheaper option of buying alcohol from a store and enjoying it at home.

·      Patronising street food vendors: Street food vendors can be cost-effective compared to restaurants. You can easily buy snacks and cheap food with as little as 2.5CAD.

4. Minimalistic Adventures

Canada has lots of natural landscapes and other beautiful sights to behold. So, tourists always have lots of things to do. When planning a low-budget vacation, you should engage in free things. You can go hiking, a city tour, visit museums, attend a festival, and so many others.

The Close

The presumed cost of a vacation trip can hinder many people from exploring beautiful places. It should not be so. You can spend less and enjoy a great vacation.

When planning for a vacation in Canada on a low budget, you should always be on the lookout for deals. Search for deals, pay ahead, and plan. This is because rush hour deals are always expensive. You should also check local sites for coupons and ticket discounts.

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