Is India Set to Become one of the World’s Biggest eSports Hubs?

The online revolution in India has happened at lightning speed. In 2002, only 1.5 percent of people in the country had access to the internet, but this figure spiked to 41 percent by 2019. Now, the spread of online access is gathering even more pace, and it won’t be long before most Indians can use the internet.

Because of the country’s vast population, tech companies are predicting huge things for the future and investing now. One of the biggest online crazes has been eSports, and India could soon become a powerhouse for competitive gaming.

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India is Becoming an Online Nation

India jumped 33 places in the Global Innovation Index between 2015 and 2020 and was ranked at 48th in the world at that time. Since then, the country has continued this impressive rise and has transformed from a predominantly offline nation to an online one. The affordability of smartphones has played a huge part in the rise of the internet, with 98 percent of people in the country accessing the web through mobile.

This has helped numerous industries rise in the country, with the entertainment sector enjoying a massive surge. Companies from all offshoots of the gaming industry are now flocking to India to take advantage of this new market, with some of the world’s biggest brands now operating there.

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Massive Population will Work in India’s Favour

There are already more than 430 million mobile gamers in India, with this number projected to increase to more than 650 million by 2025. With such an astonishing spike, it’s clear that the sky’s the limit for the gaming industry in the country. Therefore, eSports brands are now desperate to invest in teams here and beat their rivals to the punch.

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Some of the most notable moves in recent years include the launching of VALORANT servers by Riot Games, the Nova Esports partnership with the Indian Battlegrounds Mobile India mobile team; Godlike, and the Red Bull and Loco deal in which Loco will be the platform of choice for Red Bull’s eSports properties.

India could be an excellent setting for future live major eSports events as well. With it now being one of the most important markets for PUBG, it wouldn’t be surprising to see more tournaments for the game in the country to follow up on the success of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2021.

Thanks to India’s sprawling population of over 1.38 billion and the spread of the internet throughout the nation, it makes sense to believe that it could be a major tech hub in the next decade. With eSports being one of the internet’s most important industries, there is no doubt that India will be a pivotal player in its evolution.

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