White House: India’s Relationship with Russia Enables Influence to Urge President Putin to End Ukraine War

On July 9, the White House highlighted India’s influential role, stemming from its longstanding relationship with Russia, in urging Russian President Vladimir Putin to seek an end to the conflict in Ukraine. This statement followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s emphasis during his meeting with President Putin on the importance of dialogue over military action in resolving the Ukraine crisis.

Speaking at a press briefing, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre underscored India’s status as a strategic partner of the United States, with whom they engage in candid discussions, including on India’s ties with Russia. Jean-Pierre stressed the global significance of all nations, including India, supporting efforts toward achieving lasting peace in Ukraine.

Regarding PM Modi’s discussions with President Putin, Jean-Pierre reiterated, “India is a strategic partner with whom we engage in full and frank dialogue, including their relationship with Russia.” She emphasized the critical need for international cooperation in promoting a just and enduring peace in Ukraine, emphasizing that the responsibility lies with President Putin to end the conflict he initiated.

Prime Minister Modi, during his bilateral talks, expressed deep concern over the tragic loss of innocent lives, particularly children, in conflicts, highlighting the recent devastating missile strike on a children’s hospital in Kyiv. He emphasized the humanitarian toll of such violence and reiterated India’s steadfast advocacy for peace and diplomacy in resolving international disputes.

PM Modi’s visit to Russia, his first since the start of the conflict between Moscow and Kyiv in 2022, underscored India’s consistent stance on promoting peace through dialogue. The visit, which included a bilateral meeting with President Putin and engagements with the Indian community in Moscow, aimed to strengthen bilateral ties while advocating for peaceful resolutions to global conflicts.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, expressed disappointment over PM Modi’s visit to Russia amidst ongoing hostilities, characterizing it as detrimental to international peace efforts. Zelenskyy denounced the timing of the visit, contrasting it with the tragic loss of lives caused by Russian military actions, including the horrific attack on a children’s hospital.

PM Modi’s diplomatic engagements in Russia highlighted India’s commitment to fostering global stability and resolving conflicts through peaceful means, reiterating its role as a responsible global partner in promoting peace and security.

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