WhatsApp announces 3 major calling features

WhatsApp has revolutionized communication since introducing calling in 2015. With features like group calls, video calls, and multi-platform support, it continues to enhance our digital interactions. Now, WhatsApp is rolling out updates that promise to make calling even more seamless and enjoyable.

Screen Sharing with Audio

A standout new feature is screen sharing with audio. This allows you to watch videos together or share your screen during a call with audio included, making the experience more immersive and interactive.

More Participants in Video Calls

WhatsApp is also expanding the number of participants in video calls to 32. This upgrade is ideal for virtual gatherings, meetings, or online classes, enabling you to include more friends, family, or colleagues in a single call, whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device.

Speaker Spotlight

The new speaker spotlight feature makes group calls easier to follow by automatically highlighting the person speaking. This ensures that the speaker gets the attention they deserve and makes conversations more manageable.

Improved Audio and Video Quality

Continuing its tradition of high-quality calls, WhatsApp has introduced the MLow codec to improve call reliability. For mobile users, this means better noise and echo cancellation, resulting in clearer calls even in noisy environments. Video calls will have higher resolution if you have a fast internet connection, and overall audio quality will be crisper and clearer, even on older devices or with poor network connectivity.

Commitment to Quality

WhatsApp is committed to continuously improving its calling features. Whether you’re making a private call from home or chatting with a group of friends from around the world, WhatsApp aims to provide the best possible calling experience.

In summary, WhatsApp’s latest updates bring significant enhancements to its calling features, making it easier and more enjoyable to connect with others. From screen sharing with audio to accommodating more participants in video calls and improving audio quality, these updates ensure you can have the best quality calls, no matter where you are.

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