What Should the Players Expect After the Online Casino India Ban in Tamil Nadu

The government of Tamil Nadu has just issued a ban on online gambling in the region. In the article, we will explain what this means to online casino India fans, and how it will affect their normal gambling experience.

The Main Statement

The general message of the Tamil Nadu government is clear: almost every form of online gambling is now banned in the state. The idea of such a ban was cultivated and discussed over the past couple of months, and the pressure became unbearable to the authorities: almost every inquiry they received from the citizens were in relation to such a prohibition.

What is rather unique about this online casino India ban in Tamil Nadu is that the authorities will pursue both the providers of the services and the players. In the majority of other jurisdictions, only the providers are considered as criminals, making the case of Tamul Nadu stand out. The punishment for the players who engage in the specified games will be 5,000 INT or three months of imprisonment. In some cases, both these measures may be applied.

Unhealthy gambling

The main reason behind the new rules is the harm caused by gambling. With the lack of regulation, too many people have gained gambling addictions and engaged into unhealthy practices related to that. Many regular citizens were bothered with their friends and relatives uncontrollably spending their funds, so they started putting pressure on the government.

New regulations

As the main reason was the lack of regulation, protection, and help from local authorities, the only logical solution would be to change the legislation. In order to do it, a new regulatory body will emerge in Tamil Nadu. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that such a complete ban of online casino India gambling is temporary. It is likely that when the new body will start operating, the ban will be canceled.

The Players’ Experience

For the players, the situation is quite ambiguous. On the one hand, gambling is banned in many countries, though people there still find ways to get to online casinos. On the other hand, Tamil Nadu is one of the very few places where players will be punished for engaging in online gambling.

Local gambling sites

With online casino India sites registered and licensed in Tamil Nadu, things are quite clear: the sites won’t operate until the ban is canceled. Fans of local online casinos will have to wait until the government starts to regulate the industry properly. Then, their favorite sites will be able to apply for licenses and reopen.

Other Indian casinos

Casinos that are based in other states of India will also be locked for players from Tamil Nadu. The realization of this block will be individual for each casino, so it is likely that some sites will still be available for players from Tamil Nadu. Although, the majority of Indian online casinos will use geo-blocking to prevent the gamblers from registering there, as the providers of gambling services are punished too.

Offshore sites

Offshore casinos will likely remain the only viable option for the players from Tamil Nadu. These sites are usually happy to accept users from almost all countries, and the ban issued by the Indian authorities won’t likely affect it.

Nevertheless, the players who decide to join such online casinos have to keep in mind that it is still going to be considered a violation. Right now, it is unclear how local authorities are going to track players at offshore casinos and how much focus they will put in doing so. Perhaps, the fine and the three-month-imprisonment are only designed to scare off the potential players, while the authorities won’t spend their time on pursuing the players.




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