What is the most popular card game in India

India is well known for its card games. The tradition of playing cards has roots in family customs and popular culture. It always served as a vital link between generations. Technological progress with cutting-edge tools, online platforms, and VR replaces traditional offline card games and lets them go online. However, the spirit and unique atmosphere of beloved Indian card games remain intact.

In general, online casinos like RajBet have an impressive selection of traditional Indian card games. Here is the list of the most exciting and engaging games to dedicate your time to.


This game is a perfect match for those who want to use their analytical and mathematical skills. The game consists of creating sets and runs using the player’s cards. For example, a sequence requires a minimum of three cards in order and of the same suit.

Some players tend to compare Rummy with American or French Roulette. The likeness is imposing; however, Rummy is simply engaging and intriguing.

Andar Bahar

Exciting and pleasant, Andar Bahar or also known as “Katti”. The rules are elementary; thus, the player relies on luck. Players and dealers must face each following transparency purposes.

After getting familiar with the issue that Andar is the left and Bahar is the right spot, it’s time to place bets. The challenge consists in guessing while the Joker card appears in the Andar or the Bahar side. The winning bet gets the price.

Teen Patti

Inspiring and straightforward game-flow captivates the attention of more and more players worldwide. The game commences with the “Boot,” the minimum stake collected from the participants. Players can choose whether to keep the cards facing down or check them.

The unique requirement consists of remaining betting until one of the players is folded.


Baccarat is a prestigious game with easy-to-learn rules available online and on mobile devices. The purpose of the baccarat game is to obtain a combination of two or three cards, while the sum of them needs to be closer to the number nine. Players bet whether the banker or the player reached the most relative to nine digits.

Indian culture and history have much to tell. Card games are the key elements of the Indian tradition and will remain so online. As well as cricket, they play a fundamental social role. Most of the traditional Indian card games are available for the RajBet casino community. Enjoy the play and get extra income.

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