Top Things to Do in Pullman Washington

The largest city in Whitman County, situated within the Palouse region in Southeastern Washington State, Pullman is settled above well-renowned fertile land known for wheat and legume fields. It’s also home to the famous Washington State University. If you plan to visit the states, don’t forget to check out the Official ESTA Application Website. It’s a good idea to apply for your ESTA early – since it can take as much as 72 hours to get hold of it.

Things to Do Pullman WA

1. Washington State University

Established in 1890, Washington State University is a university of research that offers study programs on a wide range of subjects. It’s also one of the oldest grant universities situated in Western America.  The university is well known for its enormous campus space and wonderful view—Old School buildings built from redbrick and basalt and Old Conifer trees.

The university is settled between the hills of rural Eastern Washington. It has developed a very intimate and trustworthy relationship with the townspeople since it’s been there for ages. Washington State University has various campuses around the State and also runs multiple online degrees programs for students.

2. Chipman Palouse Trail

Completed in 1998, this 7-mile long trail is a paved rail-trail in the North-Western USA Near Pullman, Washington. From Pullman, the trail is slightly elevated alongside Paradise Creek, intertwining the creek 12 times! Its full name is Bill Chipman Palouse Trail.

Its highest peak is at 2,535 feet at Eastern Terminus, Perimeter Road. The trail is a commuter route as well as being a recreational facility. The campus of the great University of Idaho is connected to Washington State University.

Parks in Pullman WA

1. Kamiak Butte County Park

A National Natural Landmark situated in Whitman, Kamiak Butte County Park is an extremely popular weekend getaway destination in Pullman, Washington. A great place to spend some quality time with your family. They have a wide range of amenities like small shelters, group and family shelters, and grills alongside campfire pits.

The highest park peak is 3,641 feet and offers its viewer’s panoramic view of the beautiful region called Palouse. The park is also rich in animal life by being home to 150+ birds. They have mammals and other beautiful flora and fauna too.

2. Wawawai County Park

Situated in the Snake River Canyon, 3 miles away from Lower Granite Dam, Wawawai County park is 49 acres in size. It’s well renowned as a weekend visit for families all around Pullman. Camping here under the stars is truly soul pleasing. There’s a boat ramp here nearby that gives the visitor the access to visit the reservoir where they can do either boating or fishing. Earth-sheltered ranger residence here is very interesting to witness.

They also have large shelters wherein a family can do a campfire alongside a delicious barbecue. It’s not just all about the beauty; their guides and information pillars fill you with rich information about their history and geology. You can also go kayaking and canoeing here at a small bay just some distance away from Snake River.

Places to Eat in Pullman

1. The Black Cypress

The Greek and Italian style menu they offer is a great fusion twist on common dishes like Pasta Carbonara, Market Steak, Grilled Portabella, and Roasted chicken is a true fine dining experience! It’s a perfect match for any big occasion or just any simple dine out date.

2. Porch Light Pizza

Locally owned and managed in Pullman, this restaurant has some of the best pizzas and fresh salad to offer in Pullman. If you want to grab a quick bite or a full meal lunch, this is just where you need to be! It also serves various drinks and beverages for lunch and dinner time. Not only their menu based pizzas, but you can also customize your own too! By adding the toppings of your choice like Basil, pepperoni, Cilantro, buffalo sauce and more.

3. South Fork Public House

A grill serves pub and modern bars, and South Fork Public House serves great flavorful food items like Burgers, soup, salads, fish and chips. They even offer various types of flavorful beer servings. This restaurant is also a favourite stop for many culinary students.

Other Pullman activities and things to check out

You can smell the flowers at Living in The Garden that has an amazing gift shop full of items handcrafted by their talented local artists. You can witness the Church turned into a Music Venue, BellTower, to groove along with the beat. You can also fancy a Scottish style beer brewed at Riverport Brewing Co.

You will never run out of exciting and adventurous, adrenaline-packed things to do in Pullman, WA! But remember to sign up for a USA ESTA Visa; it can take a while to get one, so plan accordingly.

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