Top misconceptions about online gambling

Top misconceptions about online gamblingThe The average person has many misconceptions about online gambling. In fact, even people who have been gambling for years might not understand how it works. The following article will explore some of these misconceptions and show you how to gamble safely!

What is online gambling and how does it work

Online gambling is defined as any type of gambling that occurs over an online platform. This also includes using the internet to place bets at a physical casino , whether it’s located in your own country or another one . Online casinos and sportsbooks often specialize in only one type of gambling: bettors can find everything from live blackjack, poker to sports betting, bingo, and more!

Myths and misconceptions- let us beat them

It is illegal!

Well, it depends where you are. You are right when you are in some states in the USA or in Brazil, but you are wrong when you want to play from most of the countries in Europe.And even in some countries where it is illegal, there are people who are playing it every day without breaking the law, because there are exceptions.

Online gambling is all rigged!

No, no and once again no. If you encounter a fraud making a fake online casino, you may most likely meet one making a fake land based casino as well. Of course, it is easier to cheat people online, but if you know how to verify it properly, you will not have any problems using online casinos. They have as high a house edge as a land based casino, sometimes even lower because they do not need to maintain a building. In fact you are more likely to win something in an online casino than in an in-site one.

Online gambling is only for men!

Ok, gambling generally was made by men according to history, but nowadays women are serious players too. There are many professional female poker players and women are a high percentage of online casino users. There are fewer female addicts because women are considered mentally stronger than men. It is not a rule and it is a stereotype that only men gamble whether in-site or online.There are serious female gamblers too.

You have to be mega rich to play online!

Gambling is always about money, but not everyone needs a lot of it to bet on some games. It depends how much risk you want to take and what game you choose in an online casino. There are slot-machines that are super affordable and can give you entertainment for long hours with a small amount of money.

You can lose everything in an online casino!

Yes, you can lose and it is pretty normal. But losing everything? This only happens because people do not stop themselves by time and eventually go bankrupt but it is their choice or addiction. With a proper budget for gambling separated from the rest of your money, you are fine and safe to gamble online.

You can be banned from online casinos!

Well, this is not a myth, but you can be banned for two reasons. Either you violate the terms and conditions or ban yourself. In the first option, there is no surprise here, you can be banned from many places for misbehaving. Second option is available in some online casinos for addicts that realize they have a problem and they decide to ban themselves from entering casino again for some time or forever. ]

You immediately know the result without the process of playing!

Yes, there are simplified games on sites where you immediately get to know your results but they are rare. Many casinos have live streaming games where you can see cards dealt for you in the camera and play the game in real time with other gamblers around the world. Online casino operators and game developers are trying to give you experience that is the closest to real casino they can make it to be.

Top misconceptions about online gambling

You are a bad person if you gamble!

No, gambling is just a pastime, like any other. You are not hurting anyone as long as you gamble responsibly. Those are just games that involve betting, but still games. People can get addicted to anything and calling every person who gamble, bad person is huge and harmful generalising.


There are countless misconceptions about online gambling and these few we introduced for you above are just a small piece of the big picture. There are many online casinos operating, there are also rules on how to choose safe and reliable ones that will keep your personal data and money safe and bring you expected dose of entertainment. The most crucial part is checking the licence of the casino and checking if their support team is responsive. If any of these make you suspicious, it is a red flag and you should better find yourself a different casino to play in.


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