Top 6 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Cleaning 

Sometimes you may notice that all the efforts in cleaning don’t bring positive results. Maybe it’s because you have developed certain habits throughout your life that make cleaning difficult. And it’s time to say goodbye to them. Let’s find out what you’re doing wrong and how you can fix it.

Not Washing the Floor After Walking in Shoes

This situation is familiar to many people. Going somewhere, getting our shoes on, and then we remember that we forgot to take the phone from the table or left the keys in the living room.

You have to break with this habit forever because nothing contaminates the floor like shoes that we walk in the street. Even when you are in a hurry, take a minute to take off your shoes and walk into the room. The benefits of this are significant. First, 90% of the time you forget to rinse the floor. Second, you will spread all the dirt on the other clean rooms, and even get into bed with dirty socks.

If you’re in a big hurry, leave yourself a note in a prominent place that you need to wash the floor with disinfectant when you get home.

Not Reading the Instructions

When buying any household cleaning product, it’s important to read the manufacturer’s recommendations before you buy.

First, it really contains important information: for which surfaces it’s intended, how long it will take for exposure, whether you need to take protective measures when using it.

Second, ignoring the instructions may cost you extra time to restore order, and sometimes even your health, because many cleaners contain aggressive substances, and this is absolutely not suitable for homes with allergic people or small children.

Wiping the Dust After Cleaning

This is the first and most important rule – first the dust, and only then the vacuum cleaner and wet mopping! For some reason, many people either don’t know this or ignore it.

Remember that all the dirt cannot be removed with a rag – most of it will settle on the floor. Therefore, clean horizontal surfaces first, and then collect the settled particles with a vacuum cleaner or mop.

Using Too Much Detergent

It’s generally accepted that the more detergent you take, the cleaner it will be. That goes for everything: dish gel, liquid cleaner for glass and mirrors, floor cleaner, and bubble bath. Forget it! You’ll just end up having a harder time rinsing off the rest of your household chemicals. And that goes for all surfaces in the house.

By the way, such irrational use not only complicates cleaning, but also brings the family budget into disrepute, since the old cleaners quickly run out and you have to buy new cans and tubes. As a result, you don’t have spare money for things you really enjoy, like betting after creating a 20Bet login or going out to your favorite restaurant.

Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner in a Cluttered Room

A smart vacuum cleaner is an indispensable helper in any home, which greatly saves the time of its owner. But this device will be useless if the room is cluttered with small objects or carpeted with a long pile. For example, it can be toys, a lot of furniture – the device simply won’t be able to pass to do its job effectively.

So, before starting the vacuum cleaner, make sure that there are no obstacles in its path, otherwise there is no point in its cleaning at all.

Using Inconvenient Inventory

A cheap, uncomfortable mop or a vacuum cleaner that’s too heavy can be terribly irritating. In order to clean up easily and efficiently, you should not skimp on household tools. Try to choose tools that are comfortable to hold, and it is important that you really feel comfortable. Only this way the cleaning will not be annoying.

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