Things to do in Wroclaw

Wrocław is one of Poland’s most beautiful and rich cities. More tourists come to visit its popular monuments, while less visited attractions are also on offer in Wroclaw, making it an interesting destination for visitors from around Europe. The capital city of Lower Silesia has quickly become not just a place you have heard about, but rather one that everyone should add into their itinerary, when they travel this great continent!

What is worth seeing in Wroclaw?

What things to do in Wroclaw? We take a hint in our article.

Wroclaw is, as we said, one of the most beautiful city in Poland. What you should see, when you visit this city?

The Rynek (Market Square) of Wroclaw

The Rynek (Market Square) in Wroclaw, Poland, is a historical landmark that dates back to the 13th century. For centuries this was one of Europe’s most important marketplaces, and today it continues its legacy as home not only for markets but also for other events, like festivals or political demonstrations. The Old Town Hall sitting at its centre served many functions over time. The New Town Hall was built in 19th century, and it still stands today as the office for Wrocław.

Ostrów Tumski

Ostrów Tumski is the oldest part of Wrocław — remains dating back to 10th century were discovered here. It was then that a wooden city was built on Odra River, which expanded over time; the first stone and brick buildings appeared in 11th–12th centuries. It was the small old Romanesque church dedicated to St Idzi (built at beginning 13th). Ostrów functioned as an island for hundreds of years.

Dwarfs from Wroclaw

Did you know, that Wroclaw is the city od dwarfs? It’s quite interesting, don’t you think? The first dwarfs started to appear in the city in the 1980s, and they were a work of Orange Alternative movement. These creatures was placed on the drawings, which were placed on paint splotches along Wroclaw streets after communist painted over anti-socialist inscriptions or slogans. In 2005, these paintings turn into sculptures. They are in all over the city! To see these 400+ sculptures nowadays is more than easy.

Neon gallery at Ruska Street

Neon Gallery (is placed at 46C Ruska Street) is a must-see place. The most illuminated yard in Wrocław, which showcases old neon signs from throughout the region and even abroad that have been given new life as art pieces inside this unique exhibition space – all for free! You must see it at night – this is the best option, when we talk about neons, right?

Wroclaw is known as city very friendly for students, and that’s maybe the reason, why Wroclaw have this wonderful energy. You must feel it by yourself!

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