Making a Breathtaking Watch Collection

The love of collecting a watch and wearing one can be two different things. While you might love wearing watches as an accessory or fashion piece, you are not collecting to build a collection. You, as a collector, need to be clear about why you are building a collection. If you have had that consideration, then the amount of money you will spend on them will be drastically different from what you might have ended up with. Following our tips in this article will put you on the right path to the joy of wearing and collecting watches.

Best Tips for Buying Watches:

Let’s start with our best tips to start buying watches to enhance your breathtaking collection. These tips are pretty substantial as spectacular collection making isn’t going to be easy, and it will cost you a lot. You need to be extra careful not to fall for a fake and waste all the hard-earned money with increasing costs.

Know Your Passion:

We have several questions down the article that discuss questions you need to ask yourself when adding new watches to your collection. The first important question you need to ask yourself is what kind of watch you want to have? You can start by observing watches your friends and colleagues are wearing and ask them about them. The information you will get from the direct user can give you so many ideas that you can have more pointers about whether the watch that you like is worth buying or not. You can even go for all the bling and consider iced out diamond watches for your collection.

Always Buy from a Trusted Source:

The best thing about buying expensive watches from a trusted source is that you will get the best piece first, but it will also build confidence with them while recommending them to your friends and family. The trusted source should also have some great discounts and benefits plus, you’ll also know how many sales they have done with their customers and will include their reviews. Keep on the lookout for websites that post mostly paid reviews; if that’s the case, keep away from them.

Know More About Watches:

Knowing more is quite evident as if you are making a watch collection, you have already spent a lot of time learning about watches and followed trends of great watches. The day your YouTube feed is mostly filled with watches recommendation videos is the day you know you love watches and have enough knowledge to start buying one. You can learn more about watches by reading the history of the wristwatch.

When you know more about watches and consequently know what you are going to buy, start asking the seller or your trusted source. Ask about the quality, benefits, and class of the watch you like. This is especially true for used watches, which are hard to come by new and used you can get cheaper. Always what is the service history of the watch you are willing to buy as you will have your concerns alleviated by these questions?

Make a List of Pros and Cons:

Whenever buying a new watch, always list its pros and cons and sit on them for a few weeks to have a clear head about them. Then score each pro and con in this way; you can categorize them on their looks, finish, vintages and uniqueness. The best-scored watch is the one you should buy. Important score points are as follows;

  • Is this watch match my lifestyle?
  • Does it fit on my body perfectly?
  • Will I be able to wear it day in day out?
  • Does it fit my budget?
  • What type of activity can I perform with this watch?
  • Can I wear it to the office or only to parties?

These are some essential questions that you need to ask yourself and go down to the basic level of instinct.

Reselling Market:

The best use of time and space for watch enthusiasts. Scouring these markets isn’t just an excellent place to buy watches; it is also a great place to let go of a watch you no longer desire. Sometimes you are blinded by the beauty or desire to add one to your collection, but after a few times wearing the watch, your love for it has waned. So keep this in mind too when buying new watches that they’ll be able to resell in the market. Watches like Rolex, Omega Speed master, Nava Timer, Cartier will always demand the pre-owned buying crowd. The reason behind their resale value is that they are classic and for a reason. These watches are like sitting on gold, will always retain their value.

Making a Roadmap:

After answering the queries above, you will have a clear idea of what type of collection you are going for and what kind of person you perceive yourself. For example, some people might like to segregate their collection of watches based on the use of each. You can have a separate watch for sports, a different one for going to the office, and a separate one for night-outs or dinners. This way, you can start buying watches to fill those roles. You can also fill in these roles by keeping the theme in mind where each pierce might all be from one theme, like the military or others mixed into it.

Buy What You Love:

There couldn’t be a more appropriate ending to this article than going for watches that make you enjoy every minute of wearing a watch and keeping them in your collection. We say this because if you don’t like wearing and looking at it, why did you buy it in the first place. If you are the one person that wants to keep them for a longer time so you can later sell them in profit, then you know what you need to do but for collecting for the love of collecting, buy watches that you can enjoy.


After reading through this article, you are now one step closer to buying the right choice of watches for expanding your collection efficiently. In this article, we have listed the most important tips for increasing your watch collection, whether it’s for fashion or for the intricacy of mechanical parts moving together in unison to tell you time, which most of us have been running out of lately.

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