LG washing machine with CL: informational message or error?

LG is one of the recognized world market leaders in the production of washing machines. A wide range of models, ease of operation, unsurpassed build quality and durability combine favorably with the pricing policy.

With proper use and careful care, the LG washing machine will last for many years and will delight the owner with unsurpassed washing quality all the time.

You used the washer as usual, but during the next start you saw that the CL error was on the LCD screen. In such a situation, the panel does not respond to your commands: you cannot change the washing time, the spin cycle does not turn on, the delicate or quick wash, delayed start, or any other mode. The only thing you can do is turn on and off the CMA. The LG CL washing machine error is not dangerous and you do not need to call a wizard home to solve it.

CL designation on LG washing machine

We can console you. This alert does not indicate a breakdown and repair of the washing machine is unlikely to be required. CL on the washing machine lights up when the protection against the unconscious actions of young children has been launched. You might not even suspect that your equipment is equipped with such functionality and turned on the mode by accident. Or maybe you just forgot about it. LG washing machine: The CL error is warning us that the child lock is enabled. This mode blocks all buttons from being accidentally pressed. The kid will not be able to influence the operation of the equipment and make his own amendments. This means that parents should not worry about the safety of the equipment and the fate of the loaded linen.

Note! The only active button is the on/off button. This is necessary so that the user can urgently turn off the CM – a precautionary measure. If the baby presses the switch off, the washer will turn off, but save the washing time. Now you know what CL means on an LG washing machine – it’s time to remove the blockade.

What to do if a CL code appears?

To get rid of the information alert, you need to unlock the panel. On different models, this is done differently, but the essence remains the same: you need to simultaneously hold down two buttons for about 5 seconds. To make the CL (LG) error disappear from the display, hold down one of the following combinations:

  1. 1 [Super Rinse] + [Prewash] (on the Prewash panel)
  2. 2 [Intensive Wash] + [Extra Rinse]
  3. 3 [Temperature mode] (on the Temp. panel) + [Options]

How to understand which buttons to press? Take a close look at the control panel. Between the two keys from the list, a baby’s face or a castle should be drawn, which many compare to a pacifier.

Attention! If, after the CL information alert, the washing machine does not turn on or the lights flash, you need to call the wizard. Most likely there was a short circuit in the control board or a system failure.

LG washing machine: CL error on touch screen

Like any other company, LGI produces models with a touch screen. You will not find the usual mechanical keys on a typewriter. To deactivate the blocking mode, hold down the following button:

  • [No folds];
  • [Delayed wash].

In order not to be mistaken, carefully read the notes with an asterisk “*” written under the name of the mode.

Note.! In some houses there are French-made cars. The inscriptions on the buttons are also made in French. In such a situation, the repair of the LG washing machine is solved: CL error – by pressing the [Fin différée] or [Final Diferido] key. In modern models after 2009, the child lock is activated and deactivated by pressing [RINSE + SPIN]. In the Russified interface, this is [Rinse + Spin].

Now, LG washer CL code will not come as a surprise to you!

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