India is probably one of the most interesting travel destinations for the classic individual vacationer, who is also willing to get involved in a completely new culture. If, for example, your trip takes you to Goa, i.e., the south of the country, you can look forward to an indescribable natural landscape on the one hand and one of the most beautiful casinos in the world on the other. Goa is one of the few states in India where gambling is legal.


Indians also like to try their hand at the gambling tables and hope that they can make a profit in the end. In South Asia, for example, people like to play paplu (rummy), andar bahar, American roulette, and blackjack. However, if you travel to India as a tourist, don’t think that gambling is allowed in the whole country. There are 36 states in India and therefore 36 different laws, which is not 100 percent correct. As early as 1867, the law was enacted that still applies today in almost all of India and regulates that the operation of casinos is prohibited. Anyone who nevertheless pursues gambling must either pay 2,000 rupees (25 euros) or go to jail for a maximum of three months. So, if you want to test your luck in India, you should definitely go to Goa – on the one hand, because gambling is legal here, and on the other hand because it has probably one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.


 It may seem strange to outsiders that there are 36 states in one country and each of these states has its own law. This means that if you travel to India and would like to play blackjack or poker, you should check in advance whether gambling is legal in the respective state. This is exactly why many tourists (and also Indians) travel to Goa.

Currently, there are 14 legal casinos in the south of the country – and half of the casinos are floating casinos. That alone is an attraction that many tourists don’t want to miss, whether they are interested in gambling or not.


So, the Casino Royale in Goa is by far the most beautiful casino in the country, located on the Mandovi River, just a few kilometers from the capital. Six decks, three gaming floors – there are over 45 board games, table games, a few slot machines, and also numerous VIP rooms. In addition, the casino has a bar, an amphitheater, and a helicopter platform for the really rich guests. However, those in India can also play online – you simply need to register, fund your account, and choose your game. While withdrawals can be made in rupees, however, the currency at the online casino is always US dollars, plus the language is English. It should be noted that online gambling is, of course, also prohibited in India.

The situation with online betting in India is a bit different: online betting in India is legal. There are no federal laws against online betting in India. Each state may decide if they want to impose laws on online betting. Anyway, before choosing an online betting provider, as for example 20bet NZ try to inform yourself about current betting laws in India.


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