E-Sport is growing in India and it’s here to stay

E-sport is loved by many and misunderstood by others. For some of the Indian people it might be difficult to wrap their head around the fact that this community has grown to be as huge as it is today. Today, the whole of competitive video gaming is a world-known phenomenon with tons of fans and a worth of several billion dollars. Now it’s Indias time to move on to the stage.

What is E-Sports?

E-sports, eSports, electronic sports, whatever you want to call it is a form of organized, competitive gaming using video games. Competitors from all over the world, from all different leagues or teams meet up in this huge world of video games to compete in video games. They can compete in FIFA, League of Legends, Fortnite, Call of Duty, just to name a few.

These games have fans, supporters, judges, sports commentators and you can even watch them on TV or online, just like any other sports game. You can even learn more about esports betting and start betting on the games. This is a huge and growing community, and the global E-sport revenue growth is ricing in a huge pace.

Twitch – the platform to watch gaming

There is a lot of people who spend their time watching e-sports. The up-and-coming platform Twitch had grown a lot over the past few years. It might be wrong to call it up-and-coming as it has existed since 2011, but if you’re new to this world – it might be up-and-coming to you. The growth this platform has had over the past years is truly amazing. Over 15 million daily users, how insane is that.

15 million daily users might be hard to compare, but if I tell you that Snapchat which is targeting everyone, and everything has around 250 million daily users. Twitch is a platform where you can watch gamersin India playing their games in real time, so you would maybe want to call this a niche marked. When a platform has over 15 million daily users worldwide, you can’t call it a niche anymore, that’s for sure.

The stereotype should be long gone

If you are a generalizing, you might think that gamers are 10 to 18-year-old boys and 30 + males sitting in their mom’s basement. For some reason movies and societies has chosen to depict gamers as males who can’t accomplish anything else in their lives and are therefore choosing the “gaming life”.

This is completely wrong. Gamers are way more than 15-year-old boys drinking energy drinks at 2 am. Today gamers are representing a diverse group of people, all genders, all ages, all occupations. As hard as it might be to understand, even high-level businesspeople are gamers. Even Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA decided to launch a new e-Sports league centered around the basketball themed NBA 2K game.

It’s time to put the stereotyping on the upper shelf and appreciate that this community, and the entire world of e-Sport, is growing. The enthusiasm, the fans, the players, they are all compared to what you may call “normal sports”.

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