Man Arrested for Riding on Roof of Delhi-Kanpur Express Train in Uttar Pradesh

Dilip Kumar, a 30-year-old resident of Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur, found himself in police custody after embarking on a perilous journey atop the roof of a Humsafar Express train from Delhi to Kanpur, spanning a duration of five hours. The incident unfolded on Monday night when Dilip, accompanied by friends, boarded the train at Anand Vihar Terminal in Delhi, only to discover the lack of available seats.

Opting for a precarious alternative, Dilip decided to traverse the distance atop the train’s roof. Despite the train hurtling along at a speed of 130 km/h, Dilip successfully clung to his precarious perch until the train reached Kanpur around 1 am on Tuesday. Upon arrival, passengers and railway personnel were astounded to spot him reclining on the train’s roof as it pulled into the platform.

Efforts by railway officials to coax Dilip down safely by cutting off power to the electric lines above the tracks proved futile, as he adamantly refused to descend. Resorting to extreme measures, authorities extinguished all lights along the track before eventually managing to hoist him back onto the platform.

Dilip’s escapade left onlookers in disbelief, as he narrowly avoided a brush with death, having miraculously evaded contact with the 11,000-volt electric line situated a mere 5 feet above his makeshift bed. Subsequently, Dilip was apprehended by the Government Railway Police (GRP) and presented before a magistrate in Prayagraj, where he faced fines before being released.

In his statement to authorities, Dilip Kumar disclosed that the lack of available seats prompted his decision to travel atop the train. He cited the pleasant weather conditions during the journey as a contributing factor to his sense of comfort amidst the precarious circumstances.

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