The betting industry continues to grow, giving punters even more chances to wager on their favorite sports. And cricket has been winning big in this regard. After all, it’s one of the most popular sports in the world! While you might think that this only holds water in regions like Indiaand Bangladesh, that’s not the case. Cricket is a renowned sport around the globe with millions of fans. And sites like 1xbet cricket offer punters the chance to win big from their predictions. So, should you take up this opportunity? If so, what can you expect?

What is 1xbet?

With so many betting sites on the internet, it’s hard to understand what drives each option. So, what makes 1xbet such a popular option?

This site came online in 2011, at the time of its formation. Thus, while it might not be the oldest option on the block, it has a decade of experience in tailoring online wagers. Moreover, it has an operating license from Curacao, and we all know how crucial such regulation is. But that’s not all that makes it such a good choice. It also boasts of variety. After all, what would you call more than 50 sports coupled with more than 60,000 events a month? It’s quite an active site with great odds, making it an excellent option for punters.

But Can You Count on 1XBet Cricket Betting?

It’s easy for a site to excel in some of the more common sports. Take an example of football. Can you think of a reputable site that does not offer football as part of its array? Hardly!

But that’s not always the case with cricket. While popular, this sport is not quite mainstream. As such, sites sometimes leave it out when offering services to regions where it’s not popular. Thus, it begs the question, is the situation different with 1XBet? Let’s find out:

  • Reliability: Nobody wants to bet on a site that could go down at any moment. And luckily, you can count on this site to always run smoothly. Why is that? The management has invested in numerous technologies to ensure that desktop and mobile gaming are easy. Even its apps run as advertised. And with that reliability on your side, it’s much easier to score a good win on a wager.
  • Security: Cyber attacks have become quite common in recent years. It’s pretty easy to wake up and find that someone has withdrawn your winnings, leaving you with questions. So, 1xBet works on improving its security features as much as possible. Safe apps, SSL encryption, strong password requirements; you name it. But they also go the extra mile by putting your security in your hands. How? Most sites limit the amount you can transact at a time. And that means that if a hacker takes over your account, they can get away with withdrawing everything because you cannot get to it on time. So, 1xbet allows you to withdraw as much as you want at once. That gives you time to stop a hacker if you think you’ve been compromised.
  • Comprehensive Language Coverage: This site boasts support for 40 different languages. Thus, even if you do not speak the ‘main’ official languages in most countries, you can still find a way to play. So, you can access the site without translating the page using the browser settings. That’s a win for most of its users who enjoy this flexibility.
  • A Range of Payment Methods: Do you want a site that accepts almost any form of payment? Well, 1XBet will entice you with their options. They accept almost anything from e-wallet transfers, credit and debit cards, and wire transfers. And they also accept the leading cryptocurrencies. So, when you want to deposit or withdraw cash, you can rest assured that you will find a convenient way to do so. Also, they charge minimal transaction fees and process the payments quite fast. Of course, wire transfers take longer as the processes are out of the site’s reach.
  • App Support: Are you tired of playing on your desktop? This site has dedicated apps compatible with iOS and Android devices. So, you can download the app and start wagering immediately. Like the desktop site, the apps are multilingual. And if that does not work for you, the mobile web browser is also a good option. It loads as fast as the PC option, enabling you not to miss out on any opportunity.
  • Great Odds: Unless you are a recreational punter, you care about the odds as they dictate the returns on your investment. So, are the rates favorable on this site? The answer is yes! While they might not be the most competitive on the market, they are good enough to earn you a good chunk of change. Oh, and you can always change your betting limits by requesting the customer service team to do so. So, that allows you to win more for less.
  • Unique Promotions: Everyone loves to wager on a site that gives freebies. Whether these are signup offers or continuing promotions, they indeed make a difference. So, can you count on this site to make your wagering easier? Yes! The site is awash with different offers. Besides what you get when signing up, you can always get a chance to win more money. For example, you can get a free bet of up to $100 if you have a 20-game losing streak! At least, that can help you hedge the loss you have made in the last few games. Consistent winners also get chances to reduce their wagers.
  • Easy Interface: What can be more annoying than trying to place a wager, but you can’t find the place to do so? Well, you will not find out when using this site. It has such a straightforward interface that a pure beginner can find their way through the options. It’s simple, easy to understand, and free of frills. And that’s on the desktop browser and mobile apps. So, you can log in, place your bet, and log out within minutes.
  • Live Streaming with In-Play Betting: You can catch the game on the go by using the live streaming option. And if an opportunity rears its head, you can place a bet as the game continues. What better time to strike than when the iron is hot?

Can you see why people praise this site?

Are There Any Drawbacks to Cricket Betting on 1XBet?

While the site is quite promising, it’s always good to review areas that could do with some more work. Which are they?

  • Less Event Coverage: 1XBet does not only cater to cricket. It thus tends to cover the major tournaments in cricket, leaving out some of the smaller ones. For a punter who wants to bet on even minor events, this can be disheartening. But then again, the site is relatively new in the market. And as they work on establishing themselves, they will likely work on this shortcoming. But if you are in it for the big events like Super Smash and the Big Bash League, this site will not disappoint you!
  • Limited Support Options: Most people who use the site review the customer service team with four or five stars. And that’s a good sign, indicating that the team can handle any incidences timely. Even so, the site has a limited number of support options. That paves the way for miscommunication and even delays in the process, which can be frustrating.

Besides these setbacks, you should have a great time figuring out this site.

How Can You Place a Bet?

Are you ready to get started on your first wager? Here’s how you do it:

  • Create an account: All you do is find the 1XBet site and register using your preferred means. You can use your phone, email, social media, etc. Please note that you can run more than one account at a time. You can do so using the ‘linked accounts’ icon at the top of the website.
  • Deposit cash using any of the available methods,
  • Navigate to the market you want to wager on,
  • Choose the betting odds,
  • Enter the amount you wish to wager,
  • Confirm that you want to place the bet,
  • Check your balance. If you would like to sell the bet slip back to the site, you can use the ‘my bets’ option under bet history. Then you can get your money back in part or whole. However, this does not work for live bets.

Now all that remains is for your wager to go through. If you win, you can immediately withdraw your earnings using your preferred payment method. Please note that you can only withdraw cash from the method used when depositing the funds.

Like any other site, 1XBet could benefit from a few tweaks here and there. But overall, this would be a great place to launch your cricket betting career and watch it take off. All the best!


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