Which are the Top 7Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring an SEO Agency?

For a brand or business to be successful, it is essential to get sales. It is also equally important to generate leads and sales through social media in the digital era.Here is where we realize the significance of digital marketing practices to boost your brand’s organic reach.

One of the most common yet effective strategies is to use search engine optimization.

However, setting up an SEO team can be costly. Therefore, it is essential to hire an SEO agency with the right resources. If you are a new brand entering the digital space, knowing what factors to consider can get daunting.

AdLift India, a premium digital marketing company, has worked with many brands for over a decade. To help you hire the best SEO company, they have curated a list of important questions to ask the prospective search engine optimization agency.

How Do You Approach SEO To Drive Results?

It is one of the most important questions you must ask the search engine optimization agency. MostSEO agencies follow certain parameters in an SEO strategy. These are-

Best Answer:“We concentrate on technical SEO. This is in addition to enhancing SEO through backlinks and premium content. Our experts make surethat Google can crawl your website and content. We also look at 404 errors and the page speed. To gain organic traffic, all of this is topped off by creating original and high-quality content”.

How Will You Incorporate the Strategy Into Our Brand Or Business?

SEO is not a single solution for all businesses. Every brand requires a unique SEO strategy to attract consumers.

What may work for a small business is not necessary to effectively work on global brands.

Best Answer – “We focus on improving content, adding keywords and links, improving page speed, and making the site user-friendly after an SEO audit”.

How Do You Conduct Keyword Research?

Keyword research is a vital part of a robust SEO strategy. Conducting keyword research is an extensive affair as it requires the SEO experts to dig deeper to know the user’s intent. They will try to understand what the user is looking for and create keywords that will drive them to your website or social media platforms.

Best Answer:“Our major focus is user intent. We use some advanced tools to conduct keyword research. Moreover, we keep a constant eye on your competitors and what they’re doing”.

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What Type of Metrics Define Success for Your Agency?

Before hiring anSEO agency, you must ask them how they measure success. To ensure that you achieve your goals, they should work according to your goals.

Best Answer – “Our team prioritizes client’s needs. If you wish to target the local audience, we’ll focus on local SEO. Similarly, if you want more traffic, we’ll focus on content creation and keyword optimization”.

What Tools Do You Use?

You should not about the tools used by the agency.

For instance, you should ask them questions such as what tools do you use to conduct keyword research and why? What tools do you use to monitor campaigns?

Best Answer – “Ubersuggest, SEMrush, Ahrefs and Google Alerts are some of our most used tools”.

Do You Share Weekly or Monthly Progress Reports?

Now that you have shared your brand’s goal, you need to know whether the search engine optimization agency shares its weekly progress report.

A trustedSEO agency will track and measure the goals and KPIs of businesses through weekly or monthly progress reports. It will help you to know whether the strategies they are using areworking out well or not.

Best Answer – “Our professional team sends weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports as per your preference. We also ensure the reports are easy to understand”.

What Do You Need From The Brand to Be Effective?

The sign of a good SEO agency is that they seek extensive information about a brand, such as their target audience, industry, goals and KPIs. They also require you to give them access to Google Analytics. They will also want to know which digital platforms the brand uses the most.

If anSEO agency doesn’t ask for detailed information, they are not a good fit.

Best Answer – “We would need access to your Google Analytics and Google Ads account. Plus, it would be helpful to know about your goals. We also want to know whether you want to continue with any of the existing SEO practices”.

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