Unusual ways to entertain yourself

Modern people live at such a frantic pace that every movement seems to be strictly calculated and done right on schedule. The same thing happens with entertainment – many do the same thing: every weekend they go to the gym or meet with friends, and someone goes out of town to help their parents in the country. Sooner or later, the usual entertainment no longer brings pleasure, and you want to do something else. Therefore, in this review, we will talk about the most unusual entertainment that exists in the modern world.

Betting on showbiz stars

If you want to not only have fun, but also make money on it, then you can bet on show business events. Many betting companies, such as Bet22, offer to bet on various events from the life of stars. Most often, players need to guess who will be the winner of a particular music competition, or what place this or that singer will take. This method is perfect for gambling people.

Debauchery and devastation

Many people know what quests are and have taken part in them more than once. But recently, in addition to the quest, services have also appeared that allow you to throw out all the negative energy. They are called “a crazy attraction of permission and permissiveness with a psychotherapeutic effect.” The essence of such an attraction is that the organizers equip the room according to your desire – fill it with furniture, appliances, and other things that can be broken and broken to calm your nerves or remember children’s pranks. Loud music may also be turned on for inspiration.

The cost of such entertainment depends on how big a pogrom you want to commit. A small brawl lasting 40 minutes for one or two people will cost $ 250. If you want a whole room of fear in which you can stay for more than an hour, then the cost will be about $ 1,500.

If you do not want to make real mayhem, then you can leave video cassettes (about $ 50 for 20 pieces), smash five kilograms of dishes (for $ 100), or an old piano (for $ 400) into the wall.

In general, this entertainment can be completely customized and calm your nerves after a hard week. The idea originated in America, but today there are similar services in many countries around the world.

Party in a pitch darkness

Another interesting entertainment option is a party in the dark. The advantage of such entertainment is that it is not necessary for him to go to special institutions – such a party can be arranged at home with friends.

This is a kind of analog of the game “restaurant in the dark”, where everything is arranged in such a way that initially no one knows what will be eaten. Visitors choose only the color of the menu: red – meat, blue – fish, green – vegetarian, yellow – American cuisine, white – surprise. After that, the waiters bring them dishes to eat with their eyes closed.

As for a party in the dark, the main condition is to listen to music either in a dark room or blindfolded. Professional musicians say that this way of listening to music allows you to perceive different sounds in a new way. In addition, if you listen to classical music in this way, you can calm your nerves and improve the condition of the nervous system. To have a party in the dark, it’s enough to make a playlist of your favorite tracks, prepare blindfolds and invite more friends.

Color therapy

Color therapy is today a popular direction in psychology. This is a method of alternative medicine, with the help of which the impact on a person occurs due to a variety of colored light. Since color therapy is not based on the scientific method, and studies do not support its effectiveness, it is pseudo-scientific.

Based on this theory, people started to use color therapy on paper that helps people relax and have fun. This will require a large sheet of paper and paint. The peculiarity of the method is that a person must draw not with a brush, but with his fingers. In addition, there is no specific task here to draw something specific – a person must depict what he wants, what is stored in his subconscious. Psychologists say that most often if you ask a person to draw his fear, this can help him free himself from complexes in real life.


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