I Missed My Connecting Flight. What Can I Do?

Many air passengers today are not aware that they can get compensation for missed connecting flights. This doesn’t mean that when you run late for your flight and miss it, you can then ask for compensation. It only applies when the missed connecting flight is a result of a delay from the previous flight.

Missing a connecting flight isn’t something anyone looks forward to. While you might start panicking, wondering what to do next, we have compiled a few things to help you.

1. Know Your Air Passenger Rights

The flight compensation regulation also known as the EU 261/2004 regulation is there to assist you in a situation like this. The law was passed to ensure that air passengers are compensated when faced with severe flight disruptions. Under this regulation, you may be entitled to compensation between €250 and €600. The airline is also required to provide you with food and drinks if you have been delayed for longer than two hours.

For a flight delay longer than 5 hours, you can reschedule the flight or cancel it entirely and request a refund. If the connecting flight is with the same airline, request to be placed on another flight as soon as possible.

To top it all, the airline is obligated to fully inform you of your rights under the law. Knowing your rights saves you a lot of stress and worry because you now know how to properly exercise them.

However, it is important to note that this applies to flights taking off from an EU airport or landing in one, provided it’s a European airline. You also must have checked in at least 45 minutes before departure.

2. Get On Another Flight

While it’s frustrating to miss your flight due to reasons beyond your control, you also don’t have to waste more time. The airline is required to get you a replacement flight, but if it’s with a different airline, that’s another ballgame. In this case, you may want to reschedule your flight yourself. Eventually, you can work on getting compensated by the previous flight for the inconvenience caused. But in the meantime, keep moving and don’t entirely disrupt your travel plans.

3. Gather Your Documents

As you make plans to keep your itinerary moving, this will also be a good time to gather your documents. Get your booking information, receipts, vouchers, and any other supporting document that will help you get the compensation. If you had to reschedule your flight and spent extra money, ensure you attach the receipts. Additionally, you can ask the airline to put the reason for the delay in writing.

Bottom Line

Missing your connecting flight should not be the end of the road. While it may mess with your plans, you can work on getting duly compensated to cover up for the inconvenience. You can also take advantage of the waiting time by planning your trip, responding to some work emails, or reading a book. The end goal is to enjoy your trip regardless and also get paid by the airline.

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