How to Send Money to India?

Are you worried about convenience while sending money to India online? Worry no more because so many channels can get your work done easily. The only challenge that arises is the criteria to use in choosing the best channel out of all possible means.  Several things are important to consider while determining how to send money to India Online.

There are so many business people who regularly make transactions to India, and there are Indians in foreign countries who want to be sending some money home. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss some of the online means you can use to send money to India.

What Are Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Way to Send Money to India?


The quickness in which you need your money sent is an essential aspect to put in mind. Importantly, note the speed of delivery is proportional to the transfer cost you will incur.

Rate of Exchange

The exchange rate will be greatly influenced by the currency you are using. This is because different currencies will be exchanged at different rates. Therefore, you need to consider the channel that will offer you the list rates possible.

Cost of Money Transfer

Different channels have different money transfer rates based on their algorithms. When choosing the best channel to send money to India online, ensure you will not be exploited in terms of cost.


Your satisfaction as a customer while channelling your money to India should be of great interest. The channel you are choosing should be accessible and easy to use from the account creation process to the final stage of sending the money.

What Are the Best Channel to Use When Sending Money to India?


Rewire is one of the most efficient ways of sending money to India. The system allows debit cards, bank transfers, credit cards, and cash pickups. There are many advantages of using rewire, such as reliability, convenience, and customer care services. If you are looking for a faster and more cost-efficient channel to send money to India online, then Rewire is the way to go.

What Are Process to Follow When Using Rewire?

Free account opening

The account signup process with Rewire is simple, quick, and free. All you need are your personal information and proof of identity to get started.

Send the money

You can now send your money to India via Rewire using debit cards, bank transfers, credit cards, and cash pickups.

End the process

Once you are done, you will receive a notification of your transfer status. Then the experts from Rewire will keep in touch with you until your money reaches the final destination. The money can arrive in India within a maximum of one business day.

Why Should You Choose Rewire?

It’s the faster channel

Rewire offers you the opportunity to send money to India online in the very fast way possible. It will only take one business day for your money to get to India.


Rewire is the most stable and secure way to send money to India. Rewire is very reliable, from the experts keeping you updated on the process status to the system kept in charge of following on the money transferred.

24hrs Customer Service

You can reach out to rewire customer service if you have any inquiries.


Wise is one of the most cost-effective ways to send money to India online. Although it is not a quick way of sending money to India, it ensures that clients receive proper currency rates.


Xoom is one of the most widely used money transfer services globally. They have been providing quick, reasonable, and acceptable money transfer services for a long time.

One of the important features of Xoom is online-to-offline money transfer. It means that as soon as the online transaction is completed, the recipients can pick up money at a designated location in India, even without a bank account or internet connection.


Remitly is one of the most recent innovations in money transfer solutions. It has very low transfer costs and ensures that your money is sent to India safely and quickly. It offers fixed exchange rates and guarantees that money will reach India within three working days.

ACH Transfer

ACH transfer is of the most effective channels of sending money to India online from the US. It supports the use of both debit and credit cards. Even though the channels support small transactions, the money arrives quickly in India.


Based on the above criteria, you can select the online money transfer channel that will seem appropriate for you. We highly recommend that you may use Rewire as your channel to send money to India online.



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