How to Create an Effective Video Ad for your Business

Video marketing has emerged as one of the most effective ways to promote a business online. Especially the business is a small one, video marketing can help immensely since it helps to reach a broader and more accurate audience. Since small businesses often have smaller budgets and may not be able to afford expensive methods of marketing and promotion, they often lag and are unable to make profits. Thus, their growth and development are hindered substantially.

If you’ve been closely following the top marketing trends in 2021, you would know that video marketing has helped thousands of small businesses to grow positively. This is because customers are much more drawn towards videos instead of reading long paragraphs promoting products and services. Customers are intrigued by attractive and engaging video content and thus, have responded more positively towards this marketing format.

Since several aspects of our lives are driven by the internet, posting exciting content can help any business attract maximum reach. Be it any social media or specific websites, reach is imminent if the content is engaging. Making an effective video advertisement may sound intimidating, but even with basic knowledge, editing skills, and the right choice of video editing software like InVideo, any company can create a good ad.

Here is how you can make your video advertisement an effective one so that you can draw the right audiences:

  1. First Few Seconds are Crucial

According to a study conducted in 2020, around 85% of video ads displayed on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube were either skipped or clicked away within the first five seconds, since they were found to be boring, repetitive, and distracting. This information can single-handedly demotivate companies from making more video ads. However, instead of being discouraged, companies can use statistics and feedback like this to focus on creating exciting ads to promote the brand better.

Essentially, the first few seconds of an ad are immensely crucial since those are the seconds that determine whether a viewer wants to view the whole video or not. Making an impactful statement at the very beginning of the video can make it very effective. Try to give a strong message with proper audio and visuals to keep the viewer engaged and interested. Apply any effects or texts that would help the video stand out from other videos of the same niche. This way, the video, and your brand would stand out and attract more customers.

  1. Highlight the Important Points

Every brand needs to have a specific purpose of being in the market. This purpose drives the whole company, its progress, and its development. Every brand should aim to promote that purpose through video ads for marketing. Highlighting those key points can streamline the overall content of the video and make the video enjoyable. To avoid becoming one of those ads that get skipped, the video should focus on a single theme, purpose, or explanation.

Display all the important points at first, and then indirectly revolve around the primary purpose to dig deep into the viewers’ thoughts and churn their interest in your brand. Explain the services you offer, your origin story, the initial struggles, the milestones you have achieved, and how your brand’s goal is to serve the customers better.

  1. Maintain the Duration of the Video

Overstretching a promotional ad video is meaningless. If you have kept a close eye on the promotional ad videos displayed across various social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook, you would know that most of the videos are no more than two minutes long. This length of the video should be strictly followed while scripting and during final production.

Exceeding this limit can make the video too boring, repetitive, and dull. A video that is longer than two minutes would distract the viewers from concentrating on the real message that a brand wants to convey through the ad.

Apart from the overall length, the main statement of the video or the purpose of the brand should be declared right within the first 30 seconds. This will keep the viewers engaged and stuck to the video, and the chances of viewing the whole video will increase significantly.

  1. Clear the Air With Your Purpose

It often happens that a viewer who might be interested in viewing your ad does not get the real point of the ad. A common mistake that most brands make is they do not adequately explain why people should choose their brand over the others. This can prove to be detrimental as, if the viewer does not understand the purpose of the video, the brand might lose a potential customer.

Hence, while preparing the script and during the production phase, make sure that you are answering all questions and clarifying why the viewers should approach and use your brand. A video ad has immense power to convert a viewer to a customer. Answer what services and benefits you offer, what sets your brand apart from other brands, and what the customers will gain by choosing your brand.

InVideo’s video ad maker allows anyone to create exciting and short ads to attract more viewers and potential customers through advanced tools and excellent features.

  1. Make Proper Use of CTA

CTA or call to action is the penultimate step that a viewer takes to make a purchase. The best thing about a call to action is that it is versatile and can be put forward in many ways.

A call to action can be filmed, added with a text or a unique animation, graphics and much more. A good rule of thumb is to add it at the very end of the video. This ensures that the viewer views the advertisement entirely and the last thing for them to do is to take action that can benefit the brand. A call to action may include a link to the designated website, an option to sign up or make a final purchase of the product or service explained in the video.

Video ad marketing is believed to be the future of how products are promoted to the consumers. Keep these simple yet essential points in mind to help your brand grow. Several reports have found that the benefits of video advertising are unlimited. With the current trend of marketing, it is by far the most potent weapon that has a minimum capital requirement.

Video editing software are immensely helpful when you have a lot to tell in a compact format. This video editor is affordable, and small businesses can easily afford it to reach millions of consumers across the globe through social media platforms and other sites.


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