How Syncing Data Can Help You Target the Right Customers

he ability to sync data, and have your data be available on multiple devices, all updated and ready to go in real time, is very important for any small business. If you can sync and link the correct accounts, you can improve your marketing and also find the right customers in your niche. But how do you sync data, what type of data should you collect, and how do you make sure that you are really targeting the ‘right customers’ for your business? Well, this article is going to walk you through the process.

Marketing And Sales Should Go Hand In Hand

First, one of the major benefits of syncing data is that your marketing and sales teams will benefit from it. If the relationships between the teams are not well aligned or both don’t even communicate with one another, you are going to be losing a lot of money. Having synced data can really help with this, because whenever you market a product to a prospective customer, you are collecting data on them.

 What are they doing? What’s their journey and story that led them to your website? What problem can your product or service solve for them? All of these answers can be found with data syncing, because once the sales team gets a hold of all that data, it also goes directly to the marketing team, who can better use it.

 For example, if the sales team has noticed that the niche of prospective customers that you have is being more interactive with your Facebook Advertisements than with your longer form blog posts, then the marketing team can see that synced data on their devices and can work to market to your Facebook ads. Instead of wasting some time and money putting words into long form blog posts that no one is reading, they can instead make the Facebook Ads your marketing and get some better results.

Figure Out What Your Customers’ Profile Is

This is an easy thing to say and a business 101 trick. If you put yourself into the shoes of your ideal customer, then you can figure out how to market to them. One of the problems with this, when you have multiple teams, is that they all might have different opinions on what the right customer is for your business.

 However, with synced data, you can see everything about your prospective customers in real-time. You can see what services they are on, what they are looking to get out of your business, and how they choose to interact with the business. If the data says that the best customer uses emails, reads your social media posts, and is interested in fixing a specific pain point, then your marketing team can very easily market around that. Additionally, all of this data is synced and shown both in real time and across your devices, which is very helpful whenever your multiple teams are looking it over and trying to figure out which ones will work the best for the business.

You Can Look For Patterns Whenever You Sync Your Data

One of the largest problems whenever you aren’t syncing your data and are moving your data around from Bigquery to Hubspot manually is that things can get missed or portions of the data you do receive can be incomplete. This can make it very hard to look for patterns whenever it comes to finding what the right customers are doing for your business. For example, if your customers have been shown to always attend the webinars your business puts on, and then they interact more with your website and purchase more after the webinar is over. Then your business clearly needs to be doing more webinars!

 However, if the data is left unsynced, then your teams might not notice or pick up on that pattern, and you would miss out on a crucial marketing tool for your business. Being able to see all the information and then analyze it allows for everyone to look for patterns and change the marketing plan to make the most of them.

Target The Right Customers By Looking At The Synced Data

The best way to find the right customers is to look at what they are doing and also what patterns they repeat right before they take the plunge and buy from you. Having the ability to pull up all that synced data and then use it to market specifically to the habits of your perfect customers will get you more attention as well as more sales from those customers.

 So don’t be afraid to invest in some data syncing software and see what benefits having all your information on one real time device can do for you!


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