Best Bollywood Casino Games That You Can Play Online

India is one of the largest movie producing countries in the world, and most Indians have grown up watching Bollywood movies.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Indians take so much inspiration from Bollywood for all things in life – hairstyles, wedding themes, party themes, clothing and even games.

In the latest addition to the nationwide Bollywood craze, online casinos in India have now begun to offer Bollywood games.

So If you are looking to interact with Bollywood in a unique way, here are the best Bollywood casino games that you can play online.

1. Bollywood Bonanza

This Bollywood themed online game is created by 888. It is loosely based on the Hollywood slot titled ‘Blonde Legend’.

This game offers a musical casino experience with 5 reels that contains 25 paylines. The rules of this slot game are simple and easy to learn.

However, despite the game’s simplicity, players are constantly kept on their toes with exciting prizes and dazzling Bollywood visuals.

The game also gives players access to multiple free spins as a bonus feature.

2. Bollywood Party

Bollywood Party is hands down one of the best Indian slots available online today. This realistic Bollywood slot is created by Sigma Gaming.

The slot features many popular Bollywood characters like Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra.

Furthermore, the payout rate 95,52% on this slot machine is on the high end compared to other slots, giving you, the player, even better chances of winning.

The bonus round features Bollywood characters dancing to Bollywood songs who land in different positions. This bonus stage gives you the chance to earn even more payouts.

3. Bollywood Diva

The popular Indian online casino Jeetwin recently launched a slot machine aptly named Bollywood Diva which is dedicated to the Indian-American Bollywood actress Sunny Leone.

Sunny Leone is a well known actress and has a great fan following on Instagram.  This name recognition thus caused the Bollywood Diva game to become an instant fan-favorite.

The game is only available on Jeetwin, and their partnership with Sunny Leone has made Jeetwin one of the most popular online casinos in India.

What’s more: Sunny Leone herself regularly makes a live appearance at the Jeetwin Casino, allowing players to engage in live casino games with Sunny as their personal dealer.

4. Bollywood Billions

Bollywood Billions is a fairly new slot machine that was released back in late 2020. The game offers multiple betting options with more chances of payouts.

New features such as the Golden Elephant Scatter gives players a chance to earn 20 Free Spins on this slot machine.

As the reels spin, stars from popular Bollywood movies appear and the visuals are just beautiful and attention-grabbing.

Players have the option to try this slot for fun or to play with real money.

5. Bollywood Nights

Bollywood Nights brings popular Indian cinema to life on the reels of a colourful and engaging slot machine. The game is set in a theatre and Bollywood stars are seen on the reels, each with a unique look and personality.

Bollywood Nights comes with the rare feature that is a progressive multiplier, which can help the player multiply his payouts by up to 10 times.


Bollywood Nights which is developed by local Indian game developer IndiSlots is a top choice for many Indian players who like Bollywood themed slot games.

Where to Play Bollywood Casino Games?

Now you may be wondering where you can actually get to play all these magnificent Bollywood games?

We recommend heading over to MyOnlineCasinos to find your favorite casino games. Getting started is easier than you think. See you on the other side!

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