Bangladesh obtained a spot in the Super 12s round of the T20 World Cup

is another squad that managed to advance rounds in the T20 World Cup. It is possible to make your bet online on 1xBet in this competition and many others through this bookmaker. The Asians defeated Papua New Guinea in a highly entertaining match.

But of course, there are many things ahead for the Bangladeshi team. Specifically, they will have to endure quite a difficult next round. Here there will be lots of teams waiting for them, eager to defeat them. Making your bet on 1xBet online, especially when it comes to the T20 World Cup, is an excellent way to enjoy these amazing competitions.

The player retention issue at the Indian Premier League is likely to be resolved soon

For a few years there have been some disputes among different squads in the IPL. This tournament is an amazing one to make cricket match betting – on 1xBet site. One of the main difficulties has been the player retention matter. However, after several negotiations between the 8 squads that take part in the IPL, it seems that a consensus was reached. In general, this deal looks like this:

  • teams will be able to retain no more than three Indian players;
  • also, teams will be allowed to keep no more than two players from other countries;
  • the total of players being retained should not be more than four.

There were other points that were discussed and agreed upon. However, this deal is a huge advancement in solving some disputes that have emerged among teams during recent years. Things like this make the IPL even more exciting, and it is possible to go on 1xBet site – cricket match betting section to enjoy all the available options.

Bangladesh managed to overcome its difficulties to go into the Super 12s stage

The T20 World Cup is being quite interesting. Those who visit can bet on all its spectacular matches. However, this wasn’t an easy achievement for the Asian squad. Specifically, they started with a defeat against Scotland. When that happened, even the president of Bangladesh cricket publicly criticised the players and coaches of the squad.

Mahmudullah, who is the skipper of the team shared his opinion with the public. In general, he made a plea to everybody watching the matches that all critics are welcomed, as long as they are positive and constructive. His main complaint is that sometimes, those who criticize the players too harshly don’t think that there are families and loved ones behind.

It should be noted that these comments came after Bangladesh secured its advancement into the T20 World Cup. After being defeated by Scotland, they defeated Oman and Papua New Guinea. 1xBet is the absolute best place to put wagers on the championship.

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