9 Digital Marketing Agencies Paving the Way to Success in 2022

There is no way around it, it’s 2022 and digital advertising and marketing have to be a part of the overall marketing strategy of any organization hoping to remain viable over the next several years. The digital frontier, including everything from social media and search engines to the potential emergence of a technological “metaverse” means any company not leveraging these channels is going to be at a severe disadvantage.

The most effective way to maintain a solid digital presence that generates new organic traffic is to use a professional digital advertising agency. A digital advertising agency can help grow the online presence of your company, blog, or storefront, and maximize its eventual potential.

Finding the right digital advertising agency for your organization, however, can be a bit of a challenge, since there seem to be countless firms offering SEO and digital advertising services. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you, and compiled the best digital advertising agencies for 2022 that are poised to change the way your company is seen online.

1.     Gr0

Gr0 is a Los Angeles digital marketing agency that has a very well-rounded, omnichannel approach to managing your digital marketing needs. Gro will not only manage your content, helping your organization to drive traffic and boost organic ranking, but they will also help get increased media activity and better on-page optimization. They can help companies of any size to increase traffic and SEO scoring, quickly.

2.     Mayple

For small to mid-sized organizations that need a digital marketing agency that will accommodate their needs as well as grow with them, Mayple is a solid agency. They began with the goal of helping smaller companies to rank with the big businesses in the digital landscape, helping to create a more equitable digital marketing environment. If you’re looking to give your small business big growth, Mayple may be the key.

3.     Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive has made their name in a city that is hard on startups, Chicago. They offer “performance marketing” that can help small businesses gain traction faster, and enjoy greater degrees of growth. They are well-known for helping companies that have experienced challenges or difficulties with digital marketing in the past to reinvent their online presence. They offer SEM, SEO, social media, email marketing, web design & app development, analytics, and more.

4.     Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is another digital marketing agency that can create rapid, intense growth and scalability. While they’ve only been on the scene since 2013, they have made a name for themselves out of their San Diego headquarters. They focus on online growth, with specialties in the area of SEO, PPC, and social media channels.

5.     Thrive

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency is headquartered in Dallas, and offers a full menu of digital offerings, including complete SEO, web design, link building, PPC, content creation, and even web hosting. They have both strategic and creative teams that are able to give your organization more versatility than other firms.

6.     Disruptive Advertising

One of the digital marketing agencies known for helping companies get the most out of their Google and Facebook ad spend. For organizations that rely on these channels heavily, Disruptive can be the key to stopping a hemorrhaging marketing budget. They can help streamline your site for conversions, and fine-tune your Google, Facebook, and Bing marketing.

7.     OuterBox

Companies that are focused on online sales can be challenging to optimize for, since there is such an abundance of competition. Outerbox can help a company improve all aspects of their digital advertising and marketing strategies, helping them to focus on growth, increased sales, and boosted visibility to those likely to become customers.

8.     WebFX

Large enterprise optimization can be difficult, and smaller agencies may not be able to meet the needs of larger organizations. WebFX can help close that gap by giving larger enterprise customers the attention they need, with more than 200 skilled team members. They help provide solutions for SEO, PPC, ecommerce, Amazon optimization, content creation, interface design, and even social media management.

9.     Avalaunch Media

Headquartered in Utah, Avalaunch Media is a great digital marketing agency for companies that may have experienced challenges with multi-channel strategies in the past. The team at Avalaunch will take care of all facets of your digital marketing, and have backgrounds in both the public and the private sector.

Working With the Top Digital Marketing Services in 2022

Using a digital advertising agency can take so much load and time off of your marketing department while investing your marketing dollars toward the biggest potential ROI. Making the choice to work with one agency or firm over another is a relatively big decision, but whether you go with our top pick, Gr0, or one of the other agencies on this list, you’ll be getting a solid digital marketing ally.

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