7 Maintenance Tips to Take Care of Your Inverter Battery

Proper maintenance of your inverter battery is very important to extend its efficacy throughout its service life. Moreover, non-maintenance of batteries can often lead to hazardous situations such as fire, and explosions. Therefore, it’s important that you maintain the battery as best as you can to get the maximum efficiency out of it.

If you have recently got a new inverter battery or are thinking of getting one soon, then you are going to need some tips to help you take proper care of your inverter battery.

7 Maintenance Tips to Take Care of Your Inverter Battery

Keep the Inverter Battery   free from sulphation

Keeping the inverter battery free of sulphation is super important.  sulphation is formed when the lead terminals react with acid mist (which comes from inside the battery) in the presence of oxygen. This creates an insulation layer around terminal andprevents easy movement of electrical energy, thus reducing the battery’s service life. So, if you want your battery to serve you for a long time, then you can use a nylon brush and warm water to get it off.

Keep it in an Airy Place

Never make the mistake of putting your battery in a closed-up space as it could lead to the battery overheating. there is a risk of explosion if the battery becomes too hot; therefore, to avoid the risk of injury and damage, you need to put the battery in some place where it’s airy.

Never Exceed the Load Capacity of the Batteries

As a standard practice, you must never exceed the load capacity of your inverter battery. This will reduce the batteries backup time as more energy will be drained out of the unit. Over time, this will lead to the batteries wearing out sooner than expected. So, always make it a point to disconnect any extra load for maximum battery efficiency.

Don’t Repeatedly Drain the Batteries

Draining the batteries frequently without allowing it to fully charge will reduce the batteries efficiency. Never drain the batteries completely every now and then, and always allow it to charge back up once the batteries have drained out to a certain extent.

Keep the Batteries Free of Moisture

Ensure that the inverter battery is kept in an area that is free of moisture. Moisture buildup can damage critical electronic parts in the battery; thereby reducing the service life of the battery.

Never Use Tap Water

Topping up the battery when required is crucial for maintaining the efficiency of the battery; however, never use tap water for topping up the inverter battery since it contains minerals and other contaminants that can cause damage. As a rule of thumb, always use distilled water whenever you plan to top up your battery.

Replace Aging Batteries

There will come a time when your inverter battery becomes less efficient.This is when you should replace your battery, as it won’t be able to function properly, and any extra load on the battery may lead to hazardous situations. So, once the battery hits its service life ceiling, you should get a new battery for your inverter unit.

Proper maintenance of inverter batteries is crucial for its performance and extending the service life of the battery. If you follow the steps that discussed closely, then not only will your battery keep functioning like new but will cost you much less in maintenance.

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