Zoom added live translation service, now available on Facebook VR

Washington: The popular American video conferencing service Zoom plans to add live translations to extend support for automatic live transcription and turn whiteboard functionality into a more complete app. on Monday.

According to The Verge, English auto-live transcription / closed captions will be available for free Zoom accounts in February 2021. Currently, Zoom plans to provide real-time transcription for (up to 30 additional languages). End of next year. “

As part of that effort, Zoom also offers a paid account translation service with plans to “support real-time translation in up to 12 languages ​​by the end of next year.”

Zoom couldn’t share details about which languages ​​are supported when, but said these improvements were a direct result of the machine learning know-how gained from the acquisition of German translation firm Kites. I did.

Another major change to Zoom is the whiteboard feature. Zoom currently allows you to create and share whiteboards during meetings and scribble together as you talk, but with an extension coming in beta later this year, the Zoom app and the web You will be able to use the Zoom Whiteboard outside of meetings.

The basic drawing tools look similar to what Zoom currently offers. The main change is how Zoom treats the whiteboard as a product with video calls rather than its internal features. Users can add sticky notes, drawings, and comments to the board for viewing at any time.

According to The Verge, Zoom will appear on Facebook’s Horizontal Workspaces early next year. According to Zoom, the shared VR meeting space will be able to host video conferencing and connect to the Zoom whiteboard.

In VR, you can fix a zoom whiteboard to a virtual desk or wall for everyone to see and draw with colleagues attending a meeting via a traditional computer.

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Zoom added live translation service, now available on Facebook VR

Source link Zoom added live translation service, now available on Facebook VR

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