Your guide to a luxurious and sustainable wedding

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Your guide to a luxurious and sustainable wedding

In all the excitement of a wedding, it’s easy to overlook the environmental impact of a wedding. While everyone is realizing their big fat Indian wedding dream, they are also adding their carbon dioxide emissions and excessive energy consumption. Modern couples are now looking for ways to have a sustainable wedding. Rather than using plastic, we decided to use local seasonal ingredients and natural ingredients that produce less waste. Heartfelt wedding planning and decoration includes the use of recycled paper and merchandise, as well as the needs of eco-friendly venues. Check out this quick guide to achieve a sustainable conscious wedding without compromising luxury:

Choose locally sourced materials to uplift craftsmen

Sustainable and luxurious, you can incorporate native flavors into your decorations and themes. The use of locally sourced materials and local artisans makes the wedding instantly sustainable. Including the work of local vendors ensures minimal packaging requirements and saves on unwanted plastics and laminates. It also reduces the need to transport elements from other cities and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. For example, at one of our weddings, we used sand art to set up Jodhpur. This helped promote local work while being environmentally friendly without wasting other materials. Another example in Rajasthan used traditional glass-blowing techniques to create decorative items while giving a cultural touch to the wedding at the destination.

Agree with recycling

Whenever possible, care should be taken not to use plastic or other non-recyclable materials for decoration. It can be a small step, such as a conscious switch from a PET bottle to a copper jug ​​or a glass bottle. We also use artificial floral decorations to minimize the waste that comes from real flowers. This recyclable decoration is donated to various NGOs to further guarantee the sustainable use of resources. Such procedures, no matter how small, maintain the environment so that no additional carbon dioxide emissions are released.

Go to Zero Waste Wedding Decoration

Take advantage of the fabric as it enhances the elegance of the wedding while being sustainable. Incorporating bright colors that match the wedding theme, the breathable fabric brings a bright glow. Be sure to include the LED light for lighting. It can be incorporated as a string light or used in aisles with innovative decorative items. They also save energy and help bring soulful energy for night decoration. Choose a virtual invitation that will keep up with the digital age. Consciously choose the plate dinner menu instead of the buffet. There is less waste of food and more food is available to attending guests.

Include sustainable gifts

Sustainable Wedding Favors for Gifts-Growing Gifts. Providing plants and succulents is a great idea. You can also give away recycled organic fabrics and cutlery, or waste-free kitchen and bathroom essentials as gifts for home use.

Theme Weavers Designs has launched the social purpose Weaving Hope, acting in the best interests of the environment and society. There, a portion of the proceeds and food and decoration are donated to the social community. Royal Rendezvous is an event we started to put India on the world map, inviting international wedding planners to India, experiencing rich culture and heritage, and adopting the work of local craftsmen. Exhibit to an international audience.

By applying the value of sustainability, we can reduce the energy consumed and the resources used as much as possible. Let’s have a luxurious zero waste wedding and step into the world of green living!

Your guide to a luxurious and sustainable wedding

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