You don’t have to worry, it’s just a sticker on your HP laptop

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen using a laptop with the Apple logo on the lid instead of the Apple MacBook. By the way, it wasn’t some fake news or some leaked photos from the conference. This image was posted on the Liberal Party website of the “Team Trudeau Training” hub. In the photo, Trudeau sits on top of what looks like two very thick books and looks fine with a laptop that looks like part of a video conferencing session. The Apple logo on the back is actually a sticker that Apple bundles with MacBooks and iMac computing devices, and is affixed to hide what looks like the HP logo. Other giveaways are the number of black charging cables, Ethernet posts with blue LAN cables connected, and USB ports.

The Liberal Party has since had to clarify the issue after social media exploded with anger at fake laptops disguised.In a statement shared with DeputyLiberal spokesman Braden Kaley talked about laptops with Apple stickers to make the MacBook look like it’s not really Trudeau’s. “Justin Trudeau rented a volunteer hub for a while at a volunteer hub … when he stopped by and effectively thanked the volunteers,” the statement said. A quick check done by Vice also shows that Trudeau knows how to identify Apple products and can distinguish between genuine and fake Apple products. His Facebook page has a photo of his work desk that looks like an Apple iMac 27 inch. The photo of the HP laptop adorning the Apple logo sticker that caused such flutter on social media is still the lead image of the website at this time, and the screenshot is also shown above.

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You don’t have to worry, it’s just a sticker on your HP laptop

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