Xi Jinping faces criticism for missing out on the Global Climate Summit

Beijing: China’s President Xi Jinping, despite being a country with one-quarter of the world’s carbon emissions, has faced criticism from around the world after avoiding the World Summit on Climate Change.
COP26, the World Summit on Climate Change, was convened by the United Nations Organization (UNO) in Glasgow.
According to a Canadian-based think tank, experts agree that the world cannot win the fight against climate change without significant reductions in China’s emissions.
China’s failure to attend the COP26 Climate Change Summit led to total disappointment. According to the International Rights and Security Forum (IFFRAS), it is difficult to stop climate change if the biggest causes of pollution are not present.
US President Joe Biden, who led the summit head-on, has criticized China for skipping the summit and failing to take leadership in the climate crisis.
According to Biden, it is a “big mistake” for Chinese counterparts to choose not to attend the summit, with more than 120 world leaders taking two days to raise global temperatures to pre-industrial levels. Discussed how to limit to 1.5 ° C.
“They didn’t show up. It was a huge problem and they just left,” he also swiped President Vladimir Putin, who was away from Russia and its COP26 climate summit. How do they claim to have a leadership mantle? ”
Former US President Barack Obama also criticized China and Russia for not having a leader at the Glasgow conference. “It’s disappointing to see the leaders of these large emitters refuse to attend the proceedings in Glasgow,” he said.
“So far, their national plans reflect what appears to be a dangerous lack of urgency and motivation to maintain the status quo on the part of these governments, and that’s a shame,” Obama said. IFFRAS reported that he attended the roundtable of the conference and said.
China’s claim to promote clean energy under BRI projects such as solar, wind and hydro can’t stand the test of scrutiny. He added that of the energy sector loans provided by China Development Bank and China Exim Bank in BRI countries, the oil, gas and oil sectors still account for 43% of the loans and the coal sector accounts for 18%.
“The data show that most of China’s energy and transportation transactions during the reviewed period (2014-2017) are related to the carbon-intensive sector and are strongly consistent with low-carbon priorities. I didn’t, “said the think tank, citing a global survey. Reported by the Resource Institute and the Center for Global Development Policy.
The plan for China to achieve emissions on the eve of COP26, reach peak carbon emissions by 2030, and reduce net carbon emissions to zero by 2060 is a goal set more than a year ago. Yes, the analyst turned out to be “disappointed”. This helped US President Joe Biden and representatives of developed countries attending Glasgow strengthen their position on China.
They wanted China to further phase out coal. Perhaps this will enable the Chinese representative of Glasgow Xie Zhenhua to step up emission reduction efforts, including efforts to combat methane and illegal deforestation, after the meeting, with “concrete measures” and increased action in the 2020s. IFFRAS reported.
However, analysts have pointed out that Beijing would give little weight to the working group if the meeting did not have China’s supreme leader, Xi Jinping.
Citing the BBC’s report, IFFRAS reported that China became the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter in 2006 and now accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. ..
According to IFFRAS, President Xi Jinping refused to attend the Climate Summit. This is probably because China was expected to be under close scrutiny at COP26 for its lack of commitment to reduce the Climate Change Summit. Beijing’s industry leads the world not only in air pollution, but also in emissions of the harmful neurotoxin mercury.
The US Embassy in Georgia reports that harmful air pollution threatens not only the Chinese people, but also the health of the world and the economy of the world. According to a quote from the medical journal The Lancet reported by IFFRAS, an estimated 1.24 million people died from air pollution in China in 2017, the report said.
“Most of the Chinese Communist Party’s economy is based on deliberately ignoring air, land and water quality,” said former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Xi Jinping faces criticism for missing out on the Global Climate Summit

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