WV Raman claims a slanderous campaign against him

WV Raman, who was dismissed as a coach for the women’s cricket team, claimed that “smear campaign” against him had gained unreasonable traction and urged BCCI President Sulove Gungle to stop it.

In an email to Rahul Dravid, head of the National Cricket Academy, Raman was “extremely embarrassed” if his candidacy was rejected for reasons other than “my incompetence as a coach.” Is written.

Surprisingly, Raman was not held as head coach of the senior women’s team by the Cricket Advisory Board (CAC), which chose Ramesh Poire as the top job.

It was under Raman that the Indian team cherished the runner-up at last year’s Women’s T20 World Cup.

“I think I might have been told different views on my functional style and work ethic. It doesn’t really matter at this point whether those views passed on to BCCI staff influenced my candidacy.” Raman is in possession.

“The important thing is that the slander campaign seems to have gained unreasonable traction with some BCCI personnel who need to be stopped forever. I think if you or your office keeper need it. I’m ready to explain. ”

He was not accustomed to “groaning and whining,” but said BCCI had raised the issue in case he wanted to modify the course.

“If rejected because of incompetence as a coach, the call for a decision is completely indisputable, but if a candidate is rejected for other reasons, it would be very embarrassing,” said former India. The opening game said. He played 11 tests and 27 ODIs between 1988 and 1997.

“Especially if it was due to claims from people who were more focused on achieving their personal goals at the expense of the overall hygiene and well-being of the Indian women’s team and the pride of the country.”

Given that the stylish ex-left-handed batter’s letter to the two ex-captains was a coach who was always aside or fired following a fallout with players, especially ODI captain Mithali Raj. , Should make some wings ruffle.

No one was named in Raman’s letter, but it is understood that he wrote about the star culture that is prevalent in the team.

“I felt that some people in the system were so tolerant that they seemed to be obsessed with skilled performers for years, and that performers were forced to stick to culture. If so, I’ll leave you to decide if you’re a coach I was asking too much.

“In my 20-year coaching career, I’ve always created a culture where teams always come first and insist that individuals don’t override games or teams.”

“For a long period of time, ignoring the opinions of everyone else and paying attention to only one individual’s opinion created a gap in the process and system,” he said.

“There are two previous legends achieved to save a woman’s cricket fall, and things can gain momentum in the wrong direction,” he warned.

“There are some suggestions that might help improve women’s cricket. If you’re interested, I’m happy to share them,” he signed off.

WV Raman claims a slanderous campaign against him

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