WTO postpones major meeting over fear of new COVID-19 variant

The World Trade Organization (WTO) postponed its first ministerial meeting in four years due to poor health on Friday, the first major diplomatic new coronavirus variant, according to Geneva-based sources. Became a victim.

Ministers of WTO member states were scheduled to meet next week at a meeting that is widely seen as a test of WTO relevance.

The World Health Organization has classified the B.1.1.529 mutant detected in South Africa as a “concerned mutant” and states that it may spread more rapidly than other forms of the virus.

Scientists are also trying to find out if it is vaccine resistant.

Switzerland, home of the WTO, banned direct flights from South Africa and its surrounding areas on Friday, imposing inspection and quarantine requirements on travel from other countries, including Belgium, Hong Kong and Israel.

Geneva-based trade associations planned direct meetings, but new restrictions have made large player delegations, such as the European Commission based in South Africa and Brussels, largely hypothetical. It was limited.

Even before the postponement, the outlook was not bright.

The WTO has managed only one global rule update in nearly 27 years of history, is a bureaucratic formalistic trade facilitation agreement, with 164 members of fishery subsidy curtailment and COVID. It seemed far from the agreement in the most active talks on dissemination. Wider 19 vaccines.

“I think the organization must demonstrate success,” Ngozi Okonjo Iwarera said in an interview at the next Reuters meeting.

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WTO postpones major meeting over fear of new COVID-19 variant

Source link WTO postpones major meeting over fear of new COVID-19 variant

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