WTC Final: I’m going with Mohammed Syrage before Ishant Sharma, says Halva Jansin

ICC World Test Championship Final: Halva Janssin said he would choose Hyderabad Bowler’s current “shape, pace and confidence” with Mohammad Shiraji over the experienced Ichant Sharma.

Mohammed Shiraji has been impressive since his test debut last December (AFP photo)


  • Mohammad Syrage has conducted five tests since its debut in December last year.
  • Ishant Sharma is India’s most experienced active test cricket player with 101 games.
  • India will face New Zealand in the ICC World Test Championship Final in Southampton starting June 18th

Veteran cricketer Harbajanshin chose Mohammad Syrahji as the third seamer to choose Mohammad Shiraji over Ishant Sharma on Thursday at the ICC World Test Championship Finals (WTC) Indian team in Southampton.

Harbajan said he would go with Syrahj rather than the experienced Ishant because of the “shape, pace and confidence” of the Hyderabad bowler.

“If I were the captain, I would go with three pure high-speed bowlers. In that case, Jasprit Bumrah and Mohammed Shami would choose themselves. In this final, Mohammed preceded Ishant Sharma.・ I would like to go with Shiraji.

“Ishunt is a great bowler, but for this game we choose Syrage, who has made remarkable progress in the last two years,” Harbajan told PTI.

Syrage made her debut in Boxing Day test with Australia last year and was impressed with India’s 13 most popular wickets in the Border Gabascar series, even though she didn’t play her first game.

India’s most experienced and active test player, Ishant, wasn’t part of a historic tour due to a back injury, but made a comeback in his home series with England from February to March and the series. The spinners dominate the 6 wickets that are the most popular for the host.

“We need to consider the current scenario. Cricket’s form, pace and confidence make him a better choice for this final. Ishant has recently experienced some injuries but definitely in India. He was a great cricket servant. “

Harbajan, who last played in India in 2016, suggested to Virat Kohli to play two spinners in a summit clash at the Asias Bowl.

“When the weather is hot, I play two spinners. They crack and both work. Keeping them on the cool side keeps the pitch around the black soil.

“They can take the final call, taking into account the weather just before the match and the five-day forecast. I don’t see a case of four pacemakers without Hardik Pandya in the setup. You You can only play four pacemakers if the pitch is indistinguishable from the outfield, “Bhajji explained.

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WTC Final: I’m going with Mohammed Syrage before Ishant Sharma, says Halva Jansin

Source link WTC Final: I’m going with Mohammed Syrage before Ishant Sharma, says Halva Jansin

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