Worried fans were relieved as Samantha Akineni went out with her pet dog for a veterinary visit

South actresses Samantha Ruth Prab and Naga Chaitanya Akkineni have been talked about since announcing the separation on October 2nd earlier this month. It turns out that the South actress has signed a women-centric project in Telugu, and filming for it could begin in November of this year.

Samantha was discovered at a veterinary clinic on Wednesday. It came as comfort news to her fans worried about her state of mind after the split with actor Nagachaitanya. The actress was seen with her pet dogs Hashish and Sasha, who came to see the vet.

The photo of Samantha with his pet at the veterinary clinic is now viral as it is considered the first public appearance of Samantha after the announcement of the divorce. Samantha in a mask wore a white top with blue trousers to give a casual yet elegant impression.

Samantha is also entering the Hindi film industry, according to an ETimes report. She reportedly signed her virgin Hindi project, and an official announcement will be made shortly. The maker of her debut Bollywood project is currently said to be busy completing the movie cast and crew.

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The project is obscured and details will be officially announced shortly. After being praised for her role in “The Family Man 2”, Samantha seems to tend to undertake more Hindi projects. She also bought an apartment in Mumbai to establish a strong position in the Bollywood industry.

Samantha’s projects currently in the pipeline are Shaakuntalamin Telugu and Kaathu Vaakulla Rendu Kaadhalin Tamil. Of the two, fans are desperately waiting for the release of Shakuntala, whose actress plays the title role of Shakuntala. Based on the popular Indian play by Karisara, the film is written, directed and produced by Gunasekhar. The movie is in the post-production stage.

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The power couple, commonly known as Chisam, said in a joint statement that they had decided to pursue their path by saying goodbye as husband and wife after a long marriage of four years. In the statement, they mentioned how lucky they were to have a friendship of more than a decade. It was at the very heart of their relationship. “It always holds a special bond between us,” they added.

Nagachaitanya and Samantha also demanded that their fans and media allow them privacy.

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Worried fans were relieved as Samantha Akineni went out with her pet dog for a veterinary visit

Source link Worried fans were relieved as Samantha Akineni went out with her pet dog for a veterinary visit

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