Wisconsin RB Allen plays with the power to believe in his youth

Madison, Wisconsin: Breron Allen’s running back in Wisconsin doesn’t look like a typical 17-year-old.

He doesn’t play that way either.

Allen graduated early this fall from high school to begin his college football career. After most colleges hire him as a safe or linebacker, he is still accustomed to making full-time attacks. You won’t know it from how he overtakes a much older player.

Allen, who will not be 18 until the end of the season, said it doesn’t matter how old these guys are. I know they aren’t stronger than me, so age doesn’t really matter.

Listed as 6 feet 2 and 238 pounds, Allen made a breakthrough performance by rushing 131 yards with 18 carries with a 24-0 win in Illinois last week. He tries to gain momentum on Saturday, when Wisconsin (2-3) hosts the Army (3-1).

He was already in the spotlight of his teammates as he was constantly bowling Illinois defenders.

Wisconsin Safety Colin Wilder said after the match we were literally talking about it as a bystander while he was running the ball. It’s like, wow, this kid should be studying for an algebra test after going home and playing last night. “

After deciding that Allen was ready to start college football, last year he increased his academic burden so that he could graduate from Fondue Lac (Wisconsin) High School a year earlier. Thanks to the consistent weight training that began in his first year of high school, he was already stronger than any other companion.

Allen moved to Muskego, a suburb of Milwaukee, with a trainer this year before enrolling in Wisconsin. While trainer Johnny Bridgewater guided training twice a day, he spent that time attending virtual classes.

According to Allen, strength is one of the greatest benefits you can have. As long as I maintain speed and agility, I feel like I’m getting stronger, but in the end it wasn’t fair. By the last season of high school, I felt bigger, stronger, yet faster and more agile than anyone else. “

Bridgewater calls Allen probably one of the top five gene freaks I’ve been able to train in the last 16 years.

According to Bridgewater, he can crouch over £ 550 without a belt. When I started training him for the first time, I went to get him a belt. He was like I didn’t need it. Am i okay? He (says) believe me. I don’t need it. It’s crazy.

Allen made a similar impression after arriving at the Wisconsin campus and doing a 405 pound power cleaning. In other words, the weight of the barbell was lifted from the floor to the shoulders in a single movement. Joe Tipman of the Wisconsin Center remembered that no one on the team could match it on that particular day.

As Tyler Beach said, I’m like holy hell, this guy is a strong, aggressive tackle.

Its strength makes a difference in the field.

Wisconsin relies on the speed and power of Allens from Clemson’s transfer to give badgers a dynamic rush tandem for the rest of the season. Allen’s development is especially important now that Jalenberger, who leads the Rusher’s, was removed from the team last year.

Allen believes he and Merci are challenging. Merluci ran with a carry of 21 against Illinois at Team High’s 145 yards, with the Badgers rushing a total of 391 yards.

According to Allen, I think we’ve shown what we can do. Anything below that does not meet the standards we have set.

As Allen gains experience carrying the ball, badgers have the potential to further improve their total. Allen played running back and defense in high school, but he still has a lot to learn and admits that the defender needs to do better to make him miss him in the open field.

The Illinois game helped me understand how good Allen was already and how it needed to be improved.

At first I didn’t know what was going on, Allen said. I felt like I wasn’t running so hard. I was a little angry when I was stuffed into a hole with one of the orchids. That shouldn’t happen to me. So I decided to put my pad down a little and started running over the people.

By the end of the game, they weren’t very interested in working on me.

Allen wants many other defenses to feel the same.


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Wisconsin RB Allen plays with the power to believe in his youth

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