Will Virat Kohli also abandon the RCB captain to handle the “workload”?

Immediately after Virat Kohli’s sensational announcement to resign as captain of Team India T20, another choir will start the round and the 32-year-old will also need to resign from the leadership role of Royal Challengers Bangalore. The lucrative Indian Premier League is “not less” than any other international event.

It turns out that if the team fails to win the title again, Kori could quit RCB captain.

A former BCCI employee told IANS: “What was the announcement from Virat? Do you understand … Did you solve the workload problem?”

“I read somewhere after the post-pandemic break since December 2020. India played only eight T20s. IPL ke matches jyadakhel liyehonge I guess (I must have played more IPL matches since then).

“IPL captains are not easy. So look at the intensity of each tournament. It’s crazy. The demand for victory (from the franchise) is beyond explanation.

“So will Kori resign as RCB captain? By leading all three formats (IPL testing, ODI, RCB), the workload issue has not yet been resolved,” a former official added. rice field.

Even cricket commentators and experts wrote on Twitter, “I thought Virat would give up on the RCB captain.”

For all of his amazing success as a batter, Virat can never be said to have mastered the art of a white ball cricket captain, especially at the T20. His decision to resign as T20 captain has the characteristics of a perfectly timed cover drive.

If India lifts the T20 World Cup, it will ensure he leaves at a high price. If India misses the title, he avoids facing an aggressive cry for his removal as captain, which will surely continue. Still, there is one turmoil that Kori must face before the T20 World Cup. It is his position as captain of RCB.

What does his RCB record say?

Kori’s record as RCB captain is poor. Taking over the RCB captain full-time in 2013, he couldn’t offer one title and brought it to one final.

Last season, the RCB made its first playoffs since 2016, but lost five games in a row. In 2019 and 2017, the RCB ended at the bottom of the table. 2018 was 6th place.

After the 973-run blockbuster season of 2016, he aggregated more than 500 runs only once in 2018. In the continuation version, the average is 33 times in half a century after 7 games.

One of the biggest criticisms of Kori was his decision-making, which has played a major role in determining the outcome of the Indian campaign at the ICC event.

Will Virat Kohli also abandon the RCB captain to handle the “workload”?

Source link Will Virat Kohli also abandon the RCB captain to handle the “workload”?

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