Wildfires in Paraguay leave burned animals

A video has emerged showing the burnt carcasses of livestock from wildfires in southern Paraguay over the past three days.

In the photo of this file, a cow stands near a burning fire in the Chaco region of Estancia Quattro Cielbos, Paraguay, October 1, 2020. Wildfires in southern Paraguay left dozens of burnt livestock. (Photo: Reuters)

Local governments have reported that wildfires in southern Paraguay have left dozens of burnt livestock and 10,000 hectares of burnt forests and grasslands in the last three days.

The Reuters video was burned on Friday (January 14th), with rotten carcasses of livestock scattered in the grasslands. This is clear evidence of the devastating effects of a large wildfire on cattle that cannot escape in time or are trapped behind a fence.

Firefighters said a fire in CaapucĂș, southern Paraguay, on Tuesday (January 11) killed about 200 cows, sheep, horses and wildlife after burning garbage in the area.

Since Wednesday morning (January 12th), paramedics have been working to control the fire that devastated the crops.

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Wildfires in Paraguay leave burned animals

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