Why India Celebrate Navy Day on December 4th

Every year, December 4th is celebrated as Navy Day. If you’re wondering why this day is of great value to the Navy, keep reading.

This day celebrates the power and courage of the Navy to win the country in the 1971 India Pak War. On December 3, 1971, Pakistan’s attack on an Indian airfield along the border area led to a second war between India and Pakistan.

Operation Trident, a deadly attack by the Indian Navy, sank four Pakistani ships and completely destroyed the fuel fields at Karachi Port. 500 Pakistani Navy men were killed in the attack.

INS Nipat, INS Nirghat and INS Veer were involved in the attack.

The 90-minute operation began on December 4, 1971. Around 2 pm, the Indian Navy’s fleet sailed from Gujarat’s port of Oka to the waters of Pakistan.

When the Indian Navy’s fleet noticed that an enemy ship was approaching, our men reached about 70 miles south of Karachi. The attack lasted for over an hour. India has launched a total of six missiles. The Indian Navy’s fleet not only sank four Pakistani fleets, but returned without losing a man.

There were no casualties on the Indian side, and the operation was considered one of the most successful in the history of the modern navy after World War II.

Navy Day is celebrated on December 4th every year to commemorate the magnificent exhibition of courage.

Why India Celebrate Navy Day on December 4th

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