Why did Samantha remove her surname “Akkineni”? | Telugu Movie News

The leading actress Samantha has changed her name. But that’s not really the case.She entered the film industry with the 2010 Telugu romantic drama “Ye Maaya Chesave”, and since then the media has featured her as follows:
Sam’,’ Samantha’ and her social media profile were called by her full name’Samantha RuthPrabhu’.

Later, after marrying Nagachaitanya, Samantha changed her name to “Samantha Akkineni.” Everyone at the time praised her for Sam’s move to add the suffix “Akkineni”, the name of Naga Chaitanya, and praised her love for the trend #chaysam.

Currently, Samantha not only removed the suffix “Akkineni” from his social media accounts, but also removed his full name and added “S @ Samanthaprabhu2” (removes “Ruth”). These people in Triwood are now rumoring and asking her about the same thing.

“What happened to Samantha? Why did she delete her name? Few fans ask her on social media.” “What was the reason for changing the name to her liking? This? Should I look through a magnifying glass? Was all the issues during’#Chaysam’ some of the other questions?

Entertaining the audience with the recently released “The Family Man-2” series, Sam is currently working on “Kaathu Vaakula Rendu Kaadhal a Tamil Film” and “Shaakuntalam”. The film is reported to be a beautiful love story of “Shakuntala and Dushyanta” from the Indian play “Shakuntala” by Karidasa.

Allu Arjun’s daughter Allu Arha plays an important role. This movie is currently being filmed in Hyderabad.

Why did Samantha remove her surname “Akkineni”? | Telugu Movie News

Source link Why did Samantha remove her surname “Akkineni”? | Telugu Movie News

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