Why Are Brushless Motors Gaining Popularity

More and more, a wide variety of models of power tools are using brushless motors. It even comes down to jackhammers.

Progress does not stand still, every now and then new developments are introduced, thanks to which the technique becomes better and more perfect. So, brushless (valve) motors are gradually replacing classical electric motors. The has a wide variety of brushless motors and other products to boost your hobbies.

Brushless Motor Working Principle

In a brushless motor, the brush-collector assembly is replaced by a semiconductor switch. It works by electric drives that create a rotating magnetic field. This is a new type of construction in which there is no winding on the stator or rotor elements. The development of such a motor is the result of the use of materials with a high coercive force and a level of magnetic saturation, which makes it possible to obtain a strong magnetic field.

Brushless Motor

The absence of a rotor winding and mechanical switching elements are those technical solutions that allow you to create reliable motors at an affordable price. These solutions greatly simplify the very process of their manufacture.

The brushless motor can operate on both AC and continuous current. In the case of continuous current, it is similar to a collector motor, but the latter has a more complex design, since the base certainly contains an electronic switch.

Features And Benefits Of Brushless Motors

The brushless motor has the functionality of a brush motor, but surpasses it in a number of parameters. Its only drawback is that it still surpasses its counterparts with a classic motor in cost, but this moment is fully compensated for by a large list of device advantages. The main advantages of the mechanism:

  • efficiency;
  • with magnetization, there are no changes, as with leakage current;
  • energy saturation;
  • rotation speed and torque are fully consistent;
  • large range of rotation frequency change;
  • speed is independent of centrifugal force;
  • there are no nodes that need to be serviced frequently;
  • light and small magnets are used in the design;
  • no commutator and field winding needed.

Applications For Brushless Motors

DC valve motors, as a rule, are used for equipment with a power not exceeding 5 kW. For more powerful equipment, it is impractical to use such motors. Permanent magnets in brushless motors are very sensitive to powerful fields and high temperatures, which is not typical for brush and induction counterparts.

Brushless motors are reliable and well controlled, which is why they are used everywhere, both for small machines and for large ones. They are used in car drives, electric motorcycles, computers, power tools, household appliances. Engines are in great demand in industry, aviation technology. Due to the absence of a manifold assembly, such motors can be used even in hazardous conditions, in places with high levels of humidity.

The offer brushless motor with gearbox with built-in encoder. A feature of this motor is the built-in control board, as a result of which there is no need for additional modules and connections, removes part of the computational load from the microcontroller, which simplifies the design and increases reliability.

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