Who will the dog go to after a severe divorce?Prenuptial Agreements for Pets Can Save Trial Drama

New York: From a legal point of view, pets are a property when it comes to divorce, but new ways to resolve custody of dogs, cats and parrots are created by special intermediaries and “pet naps” to avoid court disputes. I did.

Alaska, California, and Illinois are one of the states that have enacted legislation that allows judges to consider the best interests of their pets, unlike what they do for their children. A bill to take the same approach is pending in New York State.

“Someone’s cat or someone’s dog is part of the family and shouldn’t be treated like furniture or the Honda Civic,” said Senator James Skophis, chief sponsor of the New York Major and proud father of the cat, Ruth. Told. For the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Some judges across the country are approaching on a case-by-case basis, Skophis and the marriage lawyer said. However, if the couple chooses to go to trial, they are left to the whims of the assigned judge.

Adam Citron, a New York lawyer who has dealt with dozens of divorces, said pets are “always a problem.” He is one of the worst-case lawyers in the divorce court and advocates a prenuptial agreement that covers pets. “Pet naps” are especially useful for animals acquired during marriage.

He said more legislation was needed to specifically address the interests of pets. Because the issue of custody of a furry, feathered, or scaly loved one is far more emotional and difficult to resolve than a series of Chinese and wedding silver claims.

In states that have not adopted the new approach, Citron proposes to agree that when a pet is acquired during marriage, its name will appear alone on registration or adoption documents. The person has to pay the cost from another bank account. Such measures are especially useful if one party is trying to use a pet as a weapon in exchange for another coveted property.

Some intermediaries work to resolve pet disputes through joint custody, but others have stated that it is not always the best for animals, especially dogs. Dogs are most often at the heart of pet custody disputes.

Miles Mason Sr., a divorce lawyer in Memphis, has seen the worst-case scenario in full swing. A few years ago, two couples went to war over two German shepherds. The wife was trained to handle dogs, but the husband was not.

Before the divorce, one of the dogs bitten and killed another while taking a walk with her husband. The wife claimed that it was because her husband did not give a “standdown” command in German when the dog was trained. During the divorce process, he sought the right to visit. The judge banned him from an unsupervised time with his dog outside his wife’s house, but reserved the right to reconsider whether he had been trained in Schutzhund.

“The judge understood the concerns of highly trained and trained dogs and believes he had experience with the German Shepherd,” Mason said.

Harry McCrow, Linda, and another billionaire couple who locked the horn after divorce …

For the love of art

Divorced behind them, billionaire real estate developer Harry McCrow (L) and his ex-wife Linda are now trapped in a battle over their art collection. Others also clashed over the masterpiece.

Karis Nafte has been an ethologist for nearly 26 years. Two years ago, she began working as a pet custody expert for couples seeking divorce through pretrial mediation.

Nafte is usually brought in on the recommendation of a lawyer, mediator, or divorce coach.

“Some of what I’m trying to get people to understand is that if a dog feels like a kid in your mind, it’s not, you treat it like a kid. If so, that’s actually a disadvantage for the dog, “she says. Said. “With such a voice, the eyes of such an expert calm the situation. Often people just don’t know what to do. They just don’t want to say goodbye to the dog.”

Visiting schedules and co-custody can be far more stressful for dogs than saying goodbye forever, Nafte said. She said the emotions associated with going back and forth between the two homes and their reunions could lead to behavioral problems.

Nafte has proposed putting pet custody at the top of the divorce negotiations. This will allow the rest of the process to run more smoothly. So you can do some couple therapy.

Marriage therapist Sharon O’Neill has been helping divorces in Westchester County, New York for over 20 years. In one case, during a co-treatment session, the wife decided to keep a dog, but her husband did not believe she was taking good care of her.

“When I was working with her, I really believed that my husband loved dogs more than ever, so I knew it had something to do with hurting my husband,” O’Neill said. .. “We have come to the practical truth that she is the responsibility she really wanted to live without. Instead of having a dog, she found something she could ask for. Some pieces of beautiful furniture that I don’t want to split. With her husband. They both agreed. ”

Cristina Stella, a managing lawyer for the Animal Legal Defense Fund, an advocacy nonprofit, said more legislation was needed to allow judges to consider the emotional needs of their pets.

“We want animals to be considered in the most holistic way possible,” she said. “Who are animals associated with? Who can provide overall animal health and well-being in the future?”

Philip Tedeschi, Honorary Director of the Institute for Human-Animal Connections at the University of Denver, said dogs are still considered legal property, but have complex emotions and perceptions in their interactions with humans. Said.

“The types of family stress associated with divorce also affect the emotional and healthy life of animals,” he said. “We are really far behind in recognizing that non-human animals have emotional lives and emotions. There are even opinions.”

Extensive list of cats: Taylor Swift’s wealthy cat, Karl Lagerfeld

Benjamin Button

There is a new boy in Taylor Swift’s life. His name is Benjamin Button and he is a cat. Swift already has two female cats, which are considered to be the wealthiest in the cat world. They have many companies on their coveted pet rich list. Read …

Olivia Benson (and Meredith Gray)

To complete the viewership of American television shows, these names are reminiscent of the fictional female characters of two popular shows. For Taylor Swift, they are her Scottish Fold cat. Nominations for the highest honors, such as “Cute Musician Pets,” often come after a hard day’s work. The youngest of the two, Benson (R), appears in videos and commercials alongside Swift. Benson is worth $ 97 million, according to the 2018 Pet Rich List.


When Karl Lagerfeld died earlier this year, he survived famously for his fashion heritage and his beloved shoepet, the Burmese cat. And given that this pill is accustomed to moving around with her white fur and blue-eyed private jets and multiple servants, she has that $ 200 million inheritance, or at least one of them. I need a part. Of course, if the work is more and more devoted (she is the ambassador of the car brand and has her own beauty line), Choupette can continue to increase her financial resources.


The now deceased owner of this Italian kitten may not be eligible to grab the headline. However, by bestowing $ 15.6 million in heritage, Tom Masino, a black lost child in 2011, 94-year-old Maria Asunta assured her cat to be luckier than her in the fame department. Assunta, the widow of a successful builder, owned several properties. After her death, Tom Masino became the real estate tycoon with “apartments and homes worth 10 million euros scattered from Milan in the north to Calabria in the south”.

Street cat bob

The story of this ginger cat and his author, James Bowen, is a little different. The duo saw their destiny change together, and in fact raised their feet on each other in that regard. Bowen was a homeless and drug addict who made a living as a street performer when he encountered this injured ginger cat. In a sense, the two hired each other. Bob’s care helped Bowen overcome his addiction, and he even continued to write books with titles inspired by his beloved cat. As the book became more popular, the duo became more prominent and the opportunity was poured into it. Apparently today, Bob is worth nearly $ 5 million.

Who will the dog go to after a severe divorce?Prenuptial Agreements for Pets Can Save Trial Drama

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