Who is the right partner for Ben vs. Paxton, Devi?

This article contains spoilers for the Netflix series.

The second season of the popular Netflix show has been the number one trend in several countries since it premiered on July 15. The show records the life of an Indian-American teenager Devi Vishwakmal who fell in love with his classmate Paxton Hall Yoshida. But in Season 1, she saw her kiss, Ben Gross. Her nerdy enemy has become friends.

In Season 2, the main focus was on the love triangle between Devi, Ben and Paxton. Even when Devi kissed Ben, we saw Paxton notice his feelings for Devi. Devi’s solution to this was to date both at the same time. However, the plan quickly backfired and had various consequences. Ben continued dating a new Indian girl, Aanysa, while Paxton and Devi were arranging the matter.

Eventually, we saw Paxton appear in Devi’s school dance, and they became a public couple. Meanwhile, Ben, through her best friend, discovered that Devi was actually pinning for him throughout the season.

Devi was with Paxton this season, was he the right choice for her? Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why Paxton deserves Devi and 5 reasons why we all should be Team Ben.

Team Paxton:

Paxton appears for Devi

One of the biggest problems Paxton faced was being embarrassed that he would publicly recognize Devi as his girlfriend after she tricked him. But he tackled those issues and his emotions defeated his embarrassment, so he appeared for her in a dance in front of the entire school.

Paxton is working on himself

In Season 2, we saw the human side of Paxton. Team Ben’s big debate is how he matches Devi wisely, but Paxton is usually not academically good. But in Season 2, Paxton is working hard to become a great student, and in the process, he finds a valuable part of Paxton’s history.

Paxton is a good person

Despite his tough appearance, Paxton has a great heart and conscience. He is a great presence for his sister Rebecca and has always supported her fashion design dreams. He also has a strong bond with his grandfather and takes him to school to talk about the discrimination faced by Japanese Americans during World War II.

Paxton has no grudge against Devi

Unlike Ben, who goes with Aanysa for anger at Devi, Paxton doesn’t spend the entire season holding Devi’s actions against her. For a while he tried to get Devi to do his homework and didn’t protect her in front of his friends. But his conscience quickly becomes heavier and they quickly regain friendship.

Devi and Paxton have a strong attraction to each other

Modeled after a high school jock metaphor, Paxton does a lot of trouble keeping the image, but he corrects his error because he has feelings for her. Devi has always been attracted to Paxton. Therefore, they work at the level of a typical high school couple.

Team Ben:

To be honest, Ben in Season 2 wasn’t as nice as Season 1. There weren’t any big gestures like last time to keep Devi at home or take him to Malibu. But I think Ben is Devi’s true soulmate. And this is the reason.

Devi’s feelings for Ben are deeper

Devi’s actions when Aanysa begins to flirt with Ben show that she has a deep feeling for Ben. She is very jealous, begins rumors, and spends a lot of energy to make up with Aanysa to return to Ben’s good book. Ben also has feelings for Devi that sometimes surface, even when he is in a happy relationship.

Devi chose Ben

She chose Ben when Devi was creating a procon list. However, Paxton looked better, so a friend talked to her. Deeply, Devi knew Ben was better for her. And finally, Devi didn’t choose Paxton, but he happened to profess his feelings for her. Ben closed the door for her when she started dating Aanysa.

Ben was ready to commit

Unlike Paxton, who hates commitment, Ben was ready to become Devi’s boyfriend. There were no questions. He processed his feelings in a day, broke up with his girlfriend Shira, and analyzed what she would look like when she moved to India. In other words, he is all-in.

Ben comforts Devi when Paxton rejects her

It would have been catharsis to see Paxton reject Devi’s “suggestion,” but he actually felt bad for her. He went to the woman’s room to comfort Devi who was crying in the bathroom. He was there for her as a friend when she needed the most, and also told her the truth: Paxton didn’t deserve her.

Ben and Devi are soulmates

The Season 1 event shows that Ben and Devi are really perfect for each other. They have the same competitiveness, the same awkwardness, and anxiety. They are friends at first, which is important for deeper relationships. Ben’s reaction after learning that Devi was double-timing showed how meaningful the relationship was to him, in contrast to Paxton, who found it easy to let go.

Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, Maitreyi Ramaklishnan, Jaren Lewison, Darren Barnet, Poorna Jagannasan, and Richa Murjani play the leading roles.

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Who is the right partner for Ben vs. Paxton, Devi?

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