When will MS Dhoni announce his retirement from IPL? CSK Skipper reveals his plans for 2022

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) Skipper MS Dhoni on Tuesday says he hopes fans will have the opportunity to take part in his farewell match in Chennai’s cash-rich league, Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 Implied to play the edition.

The remarks of the former Indian captain were made during India Cements’ 75-year event, which was livestreamed on CSK’s official YouTube channel.

“There’s no better day (August 15th announcement of retirement from international cricket). When it comes to farewell, you can always see me playing at CSK and that will be my farewell game. It’s possible. I have the opportunity to say goodbye, so I hope to come to Chennai, play the last match there and meet all the fans, “Doni said.

When asked about his approach when using the Decision Review System (DRS), the 40-year-old said: If it’s the end of the inning, rather than a 50-50 decision, you often take it for fun, even if you know there are no batters. There is no point in continuing one review. “

“The bowler may answer the phone, but there’s an 80% chance it’s wrong, so you have to be very careful when the bowler says you don’t have a batter. You only have to make one mistake. So I always put it down. Go back to the bowler. When they say the batter is out, you ask them if they are sure, “he added.

Regarding how CSK is a process-driven team, Doni said: If you do the plan and do the small things right, you will get the right results. You can calm yourself down so that you don’t think about the consequences. If you maximize your potential, you can win most games. “

“I think failure is a big part of life and a part of life. I feel failure and challenge. It makes life more interesting. When it’s simple and simple, I enjoy it. You can’t. Sometimes you can overcome failures and sometimes you don’t get results. But if you get into the same situation, you learn not to repeat your mistakes. Challenges and failures are more than successes. I think it will teach you a lot, “he added.

In the ongoing IPL edition, CSK is currently in second place with 18 points from 13 games. Doni-led outfits will meet Punjab Kings on Thursday for the final group stage.

Doni describes his approach to defending low scores as follows: “When keeping a low score, it’s important to understand why we scored a low score. The first two things to check. Often, why the batter didn’t score a run. That means the bowler has the opportunity to take the wicket. “

CSK suffered a three-wicket defeat against Delhi Capitals at Dubai International Stadium on Monday.

When will MS Dhoni announce his retirement from IPL? CSK Skipper reveals his plans for 2022

Source link When will MS Dhoni announce his retirement from IPL? CSK Skipper reveals his plans for 2022

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