When Manoji Bargepai’s wife Shabana reveals that she has been “forced” to rename the movie

It is undeniable that actor Manoji Bargie is a “family man” in real life. In a recent interview with DNA, when the actor was asked what would come first for him, his family, or work, he immediately said, “Family is first. First I expect all. And must meet the requirements, and then I can get out and if there is a phone call that my daughter gets sick or my wife feels sick, it completely disturbs me I can’t work. For me, family happiness is a top priority. Then you can work well .. Then you may get injured or injured or injured during the shoot. It doesn’t matter. I don’t really care. The family must be happy to work. “

This statement shows how much he loves his family, his wife Shabana Raza and her daughter.

But did you know that Manoji Bargie’s wife is also an actress and her stage name is Neha?

Manoi’s wife, who made her Bollywood debut with Bobby Deol’s starler “Calive” in 1998, and later starred in Risic Roshan’s “Fiza” and Ajay Devgan’s “Hogi Pier Ki Ziet” Unlike humans, a celebrity who was forced to change her name from Shabana to Neha, voluntarily abandoning her original name and choosing a stage name.

At the time, she was talking about it in a 2008 interview with Rediff.com. She mentioned how she was “forced” to change her name to Neha before stepping into Bollywood.

“I wasn’t Neha. I was always Shabana. I had to change my name too. It wasn’t okay at all. My parents proudly named me Shabana. Change I didn’t have to, but no one listened to me. I’ve matured quite a bit since I entered the industry. I used to be very worried about everything, but now I understand it well. ” She reportedly told the portal.

As for why he didn’t return to his original name after “Calive,” Shabana said, “That’s the sad part. When I wanted to return to my name, no one listened to me. I worked with Sanjay. The whole Alibag team was the best experience of my life. I told Sanjay I wanted to go with my real name and he was ok with that. I am I lost my identity, and now I have regained it. “

It was in the 2008 movie Alibag that Shabana was finally able to use her original name.

When Manorge Barge Pai was asked about his wife’s return to acting in 2016, he told Ladyf, “She will be as soon as my daughter grows a little. Now she’s advertising and other Open to doing short-term things. She can focus on her child. “

Shabana was last seen in “Acid Factory” released in 2009.

When Manoji Bargepai’s wife Shabana reveals that she has been “forced” to rename the movie

Source link When Manoji Bargepai’s wife Shabana reveals that she has been “forced” to rename the movie

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