When a village girl dreams on wheels

Skater girl

Director: Manjari Makijani

Cast: Rachel Sanchita Gupta, Amy Magella, Jonathan Reedwin, Waheda Lehmann

There are movies about sports and, more importantly, female players. For example, Chak de India, Dangal, Sina, Mary Kom. As a result, Netflix’s latest outing, Manjari Makijani’s Skater Girl, set in a remote village in Rajasthan, is a bit less brilliant in this regard. But it scores a way to emphasize how a whole new sport like skateboarding gets there and a fascinating way to capture the imagination of children thinking of new ways to build skateboarding. is. And a teenage girl, Prerna (Rachel Saanchita Gupta), pushed by her desire to speed up along the dirt road, took part in the game and turned it into a way of life, a point of dissent and rebellion. When it just seems pretty good. It may seem a bit exaggerated when she escapes from her own marriage to participate in the competition. But well, an important prerequisite for watching a movie may be suspension of disbelief. Or it will be displayed.

Scripts written by Makijani and her sister, Vinati Makijani, show how women are still considered “dirty” when they are menstruating, and how men are out of the house to their wives, sisters, and daughters. Work, but crushing their poverty may be. But in the typical case of male hypocrisy, Plena’s father lets her sell peanuts on the market while talking a lot about her daughter shouldn’t indulge in sports activities!

The story goes to Jessica (Amy Magella) in London after she arrives in the village to learn about her father’s early life. Seeing Plena using a rough type of skateboard, Jessica and her boyfriend Eric (Jonathan Reedwin) begin to encourage teenagers and children in other villages. There is dissonance in the village, and men feel upset by the idea that women defeat patriarchal apple carts.

Makijani actually made a set that resembled a skateboard ring in the village and shot her movie. Ring currently offers free service to all children who are crazy about skateboarding. Therefore, in this way, her work is remembered long after the film disappears from public memory. (I still remember the truth of the Roman Holiday that Audrey Hepburn pushed in! Don’t do that. The movie was released in 1953 and the two stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn died. T.)

Makijani’s gestures are irreplaceable, and she manages to give us a brief story of a simple girl who was brilliantly easily played by Gupta, who dreams of flying and does this in a fun and engaging way. Will do it. There are some rough edges in the tech department, but if you ignore them, the work will resonate with you.

Rating: 2.5 / 5

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When a village girl dreams on wheels

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