What can we expect from Black Friday by 2030?

Black Friday was a term first coined back in the 1960s. It is an event that has seen some significant changes in recent years and one that is likely to carry on evolving. In terms of these changes, what we have seen is the event just getting bigger and bigger. There are more bargains to be had and more days to grab them.

As researched by Betway Casino, in 2020 we spent $58 billion on Black Friday deals. This shows just how popular this event is. In fact, it shows that it is more popular than ever. Given the changes that we have seen, what does this mean for the Black Friday of the future? Will it even be a thing by 2030?

How it all began

Black Friday was a term used by police officers in Philadelphia during the 1960s. They used it to refer to the Friday after Thanksgiving as it saw the city with huge numbers of shoppers and a massive increase in traffic. For the police, all this meant was working longer hours so they were hardly fans!

It wasn’t until the 1980s that the term Black Friday began to spread across America. It remained the first Friday after Thanksgiving and it referred to the fact that retailers would see their accounts going into the black as people spent like crazy! The discounts offered around this time began to increase and soon it became a day where shoppers were in frenzy. 

How the event has grown 

Black Friday reached a stage of almost hysteria. People would spend hour after hour queuing outside a store in the hope of being the one to pick up the best bargain. In an interview with Betway Casino, the retail expert, Bob Phibbs recalls the levels reached: “The idea that there’s this door buster and there’s a $10 TV, there are only eight of them and you better be one of the ones to line up for eight hours to get it”. 

The growth of the internet did away with some of these scenes as people were able to explore the offers from the comfort of their own homes. As internet shopping became more popular, Black Friday evolved. Rather than being a one day only event, it transformed into a multi-day shopping phenomenon where people had more chance of digging up the bargain of their dreams.

2030 and beyond 

Black Friday has become an established fixture in calendars around the world. Does this mean that it is a given that we’ll still be experiencing this event in the next 10 years or so? The world of retail changes rapidly and so there are never any guarantees. Speaking to Betway Online Casino, Phibbs said: “I think the name will be around, no doubt because people will have got used to it. But I think if you were to ask the younger generation in 10 years, they’re probably not going to care so much. It doesn’t have that pull”.

If Phibbs is right then Black Friday may have to evolve yet again to be relevant. For now, though, we have the opportunity to benefit from the very best deals around. 

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