What Are the Best Streaming Services in India for Sports Fans?

With Internet access rapidly on the rise throughout India, there is a multitude of entertainment streaming services that are targeting consumers in the country. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult deciding which one is worthy of the monthly subscription. A lot of the selection dilemma comes down to people’s preferences. For instance, there are some services that would appeal more to sports fans because of the content available on them. Here are the best options for people in search of sports.

Amazon Prime

Amazon prime is the streaming service that is putting the most focus into sports-related content at the moment. It has led the way for sports documentaries, and has inspired other streaming services to follow suit. Some of the best-known series about sports include All or Nothing: Manchester City, All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals, and Andy Murray: Resurfacing.

In addition to producing a lot of sports-related series, it looks as though Amazon wants to increase its share of the live sporting market. It already has the rights to some Premier League games, suggesting that it will pursue more live content in the future. This will appeal to fans of sports betting, as they will be able to stake on the games while watching them live. While there is no live horse racing yet, there is a lot of horse-related content on the platform. The most notable examples of this include Chasing the Win and Seabiscuit. This could mean that there will be live horse racing in the future.


Hulu has existed since 2010, but it has always been in the shadow of Netflix. It improved its subscription service offering in 2015, when it began to provide a “No Commercials” plan alongside a “Limited Commercials” plan at different price points. This was a good move for the service, and it went on to reach 17 million subscribers by 2016.

The reason why this service would appeal to sports fans is because it has a premium offering called Hulu + Live TV.  This is a more expensive option, but it gives access to all the ESPN and Fox Sports channels. This would most certainly appeal to fans of American sports; however, it may not be popular option in India. This is because cricket and football are much more revered in the country than games like basketball and baseball.


Netflix is still the best streaming service when it comes to an abundance of choice. The philosophy of the platform is clearly a preference for quantity rather than quality. That’s not to say that there aren’t some incredibly good series and movies on Netflix, but few would deny that there are some things on there that have been rushed and are not of a high standard. The main reason why Netflix would appeal to Indian viewers is that there are some original Indian offerings on the platform. Some of the most popular Indian originals on the streaming service include Sacred Games, Delhi Crime, and Made in Heaven.

Netflix also has some sports documentaries that could be regarded as highly as the award-winning options on Amazon. Some of the most notable series surrounding sport include Sunderland ‘Til I Die, The Last Dance, and Formula One: Drive to Survive.

When it comes to sports, Netflix and Amazon have the greatest amount of choice with regard to documentaries. Hulu has the most comprehensive set of live offerings, but the sports available may not appeal to Indians. It looks as though Amazon could be the best option when it comes to live streaming in the future.

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